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Lush: Pink Flamingo and Dragon’s Egg Review

I tried a combination of Lush products this time round, mostly because the Dragon’s Egg bath bomb I used didn’t really produce any bubbles and I like my bath to have lots of bubbles! So I also used the Pink Flamingo bubble bar which was super bubbly.

Dragon’s EggLush Dragons EggLush Dragons EggLush Dragons EggLush Dragons EggLush Dragons Egg + Pink FlamingoLush Dragons Egg

I love the smell of this one, as it’s very lemony, a personal favourite. It’s also a surprise! At first I thought it was going to be a bit boring as it was just foaming white, with the occasional fading dot of colour melting away, but then it reached the middle, which looks kind of like a yolk, and the bath became golden and sparkly- there’s also popping candy. However, it wasn’t much in the way of bubbly, the bubbles seen above are from the Pink Flamingo I added.

Pink FlamingoLush Pink FlamingoLush Pink FlamingoI didn’t really catch the smell of this when I was actually in the bath due to not having used much and the Dragons Egg overpowering the scent but when I was running it under the tap it smelled amazing! It’s a mixture of citrus and floral, and the oil in it made my skin feel so soft, even the water itself felt moisturising after adding this. As I said, I didn’t use very much of it which is why the water wasn’t as pink as the bubble bar but it produced a crap ton of bubbles none-the-less and I only ran it under the tap for about a minute, if that!

I loved the combination of these two, they both share bergamot which means their scents don’t clash, Dragon’s Egg definitely wouldn’t have gone with my other bubble bars.  They also provide an awesomely refreshing and moisturising bath – my skin felt amazing after and was a little sparkly too!

Dragon’s Egg bath bomb cost me £3.75 and Pink Flamingo £5.95, which is a little pricier but don’t forget he’ll last for so many baths! A good investment I think. Also I bought these two and all my other Lush products when I went to London a good 6 months or so ago and because I only normally have 1 bath a month (don’t worry I shower every day!) they’re lasting me ages.

Can anyone recommendation any Lush products for me to try?

C x

3 thoughts on “Lush: Pink Flamingo and Dragon’s Egg Review

  1. Love your lush posts, I also use the products every time I have a bath but don’t bother photographing or reviewing them. It’s too scary for me. As far as recommendations go, I find it hard as I only like citrus scented products for my bath and find anything floral or sweet too ‘cloying’ when the room is hot and full of steam. I actually struggle to breathe. I just tend to walk into lush and sniff things until I find something I like the smell of.
    Vicky xx

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