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Nail Polish Haul: O.P.I, P.S. and Makeup Gallery*

Over the past month I have treated myself to a couple of new nail polishes and Makeup Gallery also sent me a few to review. There’s O.P.I, P.S. and Makeup Gallery in the little haul so I’ll crack on.


A Mirror Escape


What’s The Hatter With You?


I’m a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland and when I saw this collection release for O.P.I I fell in love but I can’t really afford the price tag. But then I popped into Sally’s in Bristol the other day and I found them on sale for £4.80 each! So of course I picked up the 2 that caught my eye the most. A Mirror Escape is a lovely textured gold glitter polish with silver and white flecks throughout and What’s The Hatter With You (the Hatter is my favourite) is a gorgeous deep plum colour. Both are 3 thin coats without topcoat.


All of these polishes are new releases for A/W 16.


I’m so sorry about how dark this photo is but not matter what I did my iPhone just didn’t agree with this bottle. Anyway, this is a taupe/nude/grey colour that dries semi-matte. It applies perfectly in 2 coats and dries exactly as described. Also…they have names! And they don’t smell that bad, which is a problem I had with P.S nail polishes from Primark before. £1.50


Again, this photo is a little on the dark side,I think it’s the lids that do funny things to my camera. Anyway this a beautiful blue/grey that is perfect for Autumn. It has the same formula as Bisque, this is 2 coats. £1.50



A pretty boring name, but a pretty polish. This is one of the P.S. standard nail polishes so smells a little iffy and applies opaque in 3 thin coats. £0.90

Glam Rock


Okay so this is an amazing holographic glitter shreds topper. I just think it can really add something to a mani if you use it right. £1.50

Makeup Gallery – sent to me for review*

Lavender Cream


I already own this polish but I wanted to show it for the purpose of the next polish! You can see it has a nice shiny finish… £1

Matt Top Coatimg_2907

…and now you can see how well the Makeup Gallery Matt Top Coat works! £1

Pixi Dust Pink


This is a shimmery/holo/pearlescent overcoat that is super pretty! You can add it to any colour and it just makes a plain mani just a little more special. £1 

You can purchase these 3 at Poundland or online.

So that’s my little haul I hadn’t actually bought any new nail polishes for a while because of Meebox and I probably won’t do now for a few weeks either but it was nice to treat myself.

C x


7 thoughts on “Nail Polish Haul: O.P.I, P.S. and Makeup Gallery*

  1. Love the OPI colours and that matte topcoat looks fab. May need to try it out.
    I haven’t picked up those Primark matte colours yet and not sure i will, your swatches are lovely but the colours are a tad dark for me.
    Vicky xx

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