September Meebox

September Pumpkin Spice Meebox Review

I’ll start off by saying sorry I missed last weeks blog post! Most of you probably didn’t notice but I still feel guilty… Anyway, I re-subscribed to Meebox. I didn’t stay away for long… but I think I might quit again. I have a love-hate relationship with Meebox right now. I was super excited for this month’s theme, Pumpkin Spice, with stamping products but when it arrived I couldn’t get the stamping plate to work for me! I tried various nail polishes (which I tried on other plates and worked) and 2 different stampers (which, again, worked on other plates) but nothing… It might just be me because I’ve never had much luck with stamping but because the 2 products that weren’t nail polish revolved it, I wasn’t left with much to play with. The nail polishes were also hit-and-miss though…

Leighton Denny – Venus Desire £12

img_0294This is my favourite item in the whole box. This is such a gorgeous shade, with a deep brown base and copper flecks, and it reminds me bonfire night! 2 thin coats.

Crabtree & Evelyn – Clementine/Mandarine £6.00img_0295A bright orange with a subtle shimmer, this is perfect for pumpkin nail art. It’s a bit too bright for me this time of year as I tend to lean towards dark autumnal colours or neutrals. 3 thin coats.

Lauren b. Beauty – Nude No. 1 ~ £13.90

img_0296This porcelain nude has a soft peachy undertone which is lovely and refreshing… However, this is 4 coats and it’s still a little patchy! I definitely had issues with the formula .

BMC – clear stamper ~£9.00 and plate no. BM-s207 ~£2.00img_0297The design is so cute! I just wish I could get it to work… Also I love that the stamper has a lid so that bits of fluff and whatever else don’t get stuck to it. I can’t really review the plate but the stamper seemed to work fine on other plates.

I also didn’t get around to doing any nail art for this month as I planned to use the stamping plate and spent so long faffing with it that I ran out of time to do anything else! Maybe I’ll have a play next week…

Can anybody give me any stamping advice? Such as the best polishes for stamping, how to clean the plates/stamper…I’m very much a newb…

Anyway, this months box has a value of ~£42.90 and the monthly subscription costs just £20.00. You get a lot for your money! Maybe this box just wasn’t for me this month…

C x

One thought on “September Pumpkin Spice Meebox Review

  1. Hi, for stamping tips there is a video on youtube called ‘Nail stamping – most common mistakes and solutions’ from Moyra Colour Vision (makers of Moyra plates). I’ve found it very useful. Thanks for the review, I have a complicated relationship with MeeBox too.

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