Sleek Lip VIP A/W '16

NEW Sleek Lip VIP swatches A/W ’16

Today, I finally got around to swatching the new Sleek Lip VIP lipsticks that have been released for A/W ’16. Two sets of 3 shades came out just weeks apart in September and obviously I had to have them. I received 3 of them for my birthday and then I treated myself to the others. The formula is lovely and creamy and dries to a semi-matte finish, so they don’t dry your lips out. They cost £5.50 from the Sleek website or £5.49 in Boots and Superdrug, where they are often on offer.

Round 1: Goodnight Sweetheart Collection

Sleek Lip VIP Icon, Elite, PapparazziSleek Lip VIP Icon, Elite, Papparazzi

Left to right: Icon, Elite, Paparazzi

Top to Bottom: Icon, Elite, Paparazzi

Icon is a gorgeous nude/pink that actually worked really well with my skin tone, Elite is a stunning fuchsia purple and Paparazzi, although it looks brown is actually more of a brown toned red – still pretty though!

Round 2: A/W ’16 Sleek Matte Me Show Off, Attitude, Walk of FameSleek Lip VIP Show Off, Attitude, Walk of Fame

Left to right: Show Off, Attitude and Walk of Fame

Top to bottom: Show Off, Attitude and Walk of Fame

Show Off is a lovely soft brown/nude, Attitude is a deep plum purple (again it looks almost brown in the tube) and Walk of Fame is a classic red.

All of these shades are perfect for autumn but the neutrals can definitely been worn all year round and I’m so happy to add these to my Sleek lipstick collection.

On that note… I also received 3 more Matte Me liquid lipsticks so I thought I’d swatch those too. Sleek Matte Me Petal, Fandango, Vino Tinto

Top to bottom: Petal, Fandango and Vino Tinto

Petal is a lovely soft baby pink, Fandango is a bright and fun fuchsia pink and Vino Tinto is an amazing dark wine red. The brushes are different with the shorter ones being newer, which I prefer, and the formula of Vino Tinto is actually a little drier but this doesn’t mean my lips felt drier, it just seemed to dry quicker than the older formulas. I almost all the Matte Me shades now – I’m just missing Brink Pink and Party Pink but I’m undecided as I’m not sure they’re the right shades for me!

I hope you like the swatches! Don’t forget to check out my the rest of my Sleek collection

C x

3 thoughts on “NEW Sleek Lip VIP swatches A/W ’16

    • Oh really? Thank you ☺️ I think because I’m so pale I’m pretty much a blank canvas haha. I only have issues with really pale lip colours but I’m not so sure they suit anybody! X


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