`Makeup revolution mermaids forever palette

Mini Makeup Revolution Haul, ft. Mermaids Forever Palette

I haven’t done an eyeshadow review for a while, I don’t think…? But today I’m sharing something with you that I actually purchased a long time ago, and didn’t get round to swatching at the time due to various reasons! The Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever is one of the Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palettes, which is great value for money at just £8. It’s worth having a look at this particular range because they have some beautiful palettes, and I’ve swatched the Flawless, Flawless 2, Flawless Matte & Flawless Matte 2 for you before. I also have the 4 out of the 5 Iconic Matte Revolution Lipsticks that were released a little while back too, so let’s crack on!

Mermaids Forever
Makeup revolution Mermaids Forever swatches & Reviewimg_0049img_0050

1st: Forever, Bay, Myth, Song, Mermaids, Fishtails, Treasure, Imagine
2nd: Seashell, Creature, Magic, Urchin, Sea, Land, Kingdom, Harmony
3rd: Enchant, Starfish, Pretty, Princess, Waves, Turtle, Mineral, Prince
4th: Future, Ariel, Pink Sea, Ocean, Splash, Undersea, Seabed, Whale

Let’s start with the packaging… Yes, the external box is pretty but once you get inside they all look the same, with the black case. I spend so long opening all my palettes to find the one I’m after! Aside from that.. there are so many bright colours in this, with a mixture of super shimmery and more subtle shimmer shades. This isn’t usually a palette I’d venture into, but you need the option there right? I probably won’t wear many of the pinks but the reds/oranges/greens/browns are lovely and there are quite a few paler highlighting shades in here.

As for the formula, I only really had an issue with the colours that were less shimmery, such as Mermaids, Urchin and Princess, as they came out a little powdery. Everything else applied creamy and well pigmented, even the lightest shades – they do show up, I promise,  I’m just pale! For £8 you can’t complain.

Iconic Matte Revolution LipsticksIconic Matte Revolution Lipsticks.img_0061img_0062

Left to Right: Chauffeur, Red Carpet, Diamond Life, Members Club

As I said I only picked up 4 out of 5 that are available in this range, the final colour is Best Friend, which is a bright barbie pink…not really my colour! But these four are gorgeous, and the formula is lovely. Although they are matte they don’t leave my lips feeling dry because they’re light and creamy on application. Chauffeur is a gorgeous nude colour, especially for those paler skinned girls! And then there’s a nice gradient from bright red (Red Carpet) through burgundy (Diamond Life) to a deep plum (Members Club)! These are just £3 each and I’ve already had quite a few compliments when wearing them.

Don’t forget to check out my previous blog on the October Sugar Skulls Meebox, and keep an eye out for lots of blogs to come! (Hopefully!)

C x

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