November All That Glitters Meebox Review

November ‘All That Glitters’ Meebox Review

I’m actually getting this Meebox review up in reasonable time! My October Review took a while but I managed to write this one relatively quickly. The theme for this month was ‘All That Glitters’ and everything in the box was pretty shiny… We received 3 nail polishes and 2 nail art pieces this time.

November All That Glitters Meebox Review

a-England Crown of Thistles RRP – £11img_0090This is 2 coats, but you can definitely get away with just 1. It’s such a gorgeous purple and it contains tiny micro glitters that create a lovely shimmer.

Floss Gloss Dime Piece – £7.50img_0091Wow. I love this silver holo glitter polish. The glitters are different sizes which gives it a different look. This is 2 coats.

Little Ondine Rumba – £11img_0092This is a little different, as it’s a water-based peel off nail polish. So there’s no need to spend ages trying to remove the glitter or to use a peel-off base coat. I’m not a huge fan of the colours or glitter pieces in it but it’s a nice enough polish and it does peel off easily. This is 4 coats – it’ll be better applied with a sponge but I’m not sure how that’ll work with the peel-off feature.

Naio Glitter Nail Pot Aqua Cracked Ice Mylar £1.10
img_0093img_0094This little pot is literally packed full of this glitter, I opened the lid and it puffed everywhere! Obviously my application wasn’t thought through very well, I just dipped my finger in the pot after applying nail polish… It didn’t have the effect I was going for but I can see it has potential. It’s such a lovely colour.

Meebox Holographic Nail Art Sheet – £2img_0095A hot pink holographic nail art sheet, not what I was expecting but I can probably find a use for this! Like I have in my nail art below…


So there we have it, this months Meebox. It has a total value of £32.60 and cost me just £20. Don’t forget to check out my other Meebox reviews.

C x

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