China Glaze Christmas Collection

China Glaze Christmas Collection

Today I have some Christmas nail polishes from China Glaze. Unfortunately they’re not new releases but ones from 2015 and even 2014! But they’re still pretty regardless. I used to have more but a couple of my 2014 ones had dried up beyond saving, sadly. I’ll start with the newer polishes which were part of a Mini Mixer set.

China Glaze Christmas Collection

Son Of A NutcrackerChina Glaze Son of a NutcrackerAn almost neon pearly orange, which I don’t totally understand why it’s part of the Christmas collection. Maybe better suited for summer? It took 3 coats to get full coverage with this one.

Peppermint To BeChina Glaze Peppermint BeThis lovely shimmery red kind of reminds me of the Barry M LE Sparkling Ruby from last year, but a little less deep. 2 coats.

Better Not PoutChina Glaze Better Not PoutA lovely metallic fuchsia pink, which I actually don’t mind. I wore this the other day paired with a holographic silver glitter on my ring finger and thumb and it looked very festive. 2 coats.

Mix And MingleChina Glaze Mix and MingleI’m not a fan of this blue-toned purple. Firstly, I thought it was going to be a creme polish but it came out more of a jelly and it took 3 coats just to get to this coverage (i.e. not good) and secondly, I’m just not a fan of this colour on me for some reason…

Don’t Get Elfed UpChina Glaze Don't Get elfed UpI love this one. Just look at that shimmer! It’s a gorgeous forest green and the glitter gives it so much depth. I wish this bottle wasn’t so small… 2 coats.

I Soiree I Didn’t Do ItChina Glaze I Soiree I Didn't Do ItLoving this combination of mostly turquoise/aqua glitter with some blue and gold. I was worried I wouldn’t get full coverage with this one but this is just 2 coats!

Santa Red My ListChina Glaze Santa Red My ListI also love this pink! It’s similar to Better Not Pout but its slightly lighter in colour and looks like it has silver micro-glitter in it to give it a different shimmer. It also reminds me of Barry M’s LE Nutcracker. Just 1 coat for this one.

Mingle With KringleChina Glaze Mingle With KringleThis has been one of my favourite golds for a long time, I’ve used over half of it (this never happens). Sadly, I do think it might be on its way out as its gone a bit thick and difficult to use – I’ll try to revive it. 2 coats.

Just Be ClawsChina Glaze Just Be Claws
Another shimmery red, very very similar to Peppermint To Be… I can’t really tell the difference – can you? 1 coat. (Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy!)

And that is my extent of China Glaze Christmas nail polishes, a small collection but pretty none-the-less!

C x

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