Princess Nail Lacquer Christmas Collection

Princess Nail Lacquer: Christmas Edition

I have some more Princess Nail Lacquer goodies for you today. After my last little haul I had to go back for more, especially since Ashleigh has released so many lovely new colours and collections. I’m focusing on the Christmas/Sparkly colours today, but I do have some more to share with you later this month too…

P.S. Sorry in advance for some of the slightly out of focus pictures, obviously I didn’t realise I was a bit shaky on the day of taking them! Oh well, I guess you can see the sparkles more?? Haha! 

Princess Nail Lacquer Christmas Collection

I’m going to start with the minis!

Tiara SparklesPrincess Nail Lacquers Tiara SparklesPrincess Nail Lacquers Tiara Sparkles2 coats + topcoat

Okay, so I didn’t actually pay for this one, Ashleigh sent it to me with my last purchase and I’m so so glad I did. It’s my favourite nail polish. Like ever. I hope she never stops making it because I’ll definitely be getting a full size bottle at some point! It’s not an exclusive Christmas colour, but I just wanted to included it in this post because it’s very festive. I love that it’s so packed with holographic glitters, this is just 2 thin coats! I couldn’t capture it but you need to take my word for when it’s in sunlight – so sparkly!

2017img_0115Princess Nail Lacquer 20172 coats + topcoat

This may look green (well it does a little to me!), it’s actually a black and gold holo glitter mix with a silver holo pigment – all the sparkles! Perfect to see the new year in with.

Festive Sparkle Trio 

Gold DiggerPrincess Nail Lacquer Gold Diggerimg_01102 coats + topcoat

I love how much this gold holographic reflects different colours so vividly. Also apparently these ones also have a holographic pigment too, which explains why they’re so packed!

Let’s Go
Partyimg_0111Princess Nail Lacquer Let's Go Party2 coats + topcoat

Not my usual festive colour choice but it’s so sparkly that I’ll wear it regardless… Also I think my dislike for pink nails is dwindling!

Ruby Princess Nail Lacquer Rubyimg_01142 coats + topcoat

And the final polish is this trio is a classic red glitter of course!  Again, this is gorgeous. All of these smooth out with a good topcoat too which is good.

Christmas Collection

For this collection I’m going to steal Ashleigh’s descriptions because they’re obviously spot on! Not because I’m lazy but because today I have what we call Chemo Brain – yes, it’s a thing and it’s very much like Pregnancy Brain where you can’t concentration/you’re forgetful! Nothing major I’m just a bit slow! Haha.

Footprints In The SnowPrincess Nail Lacquer Footprints In The Snowimg_01181 coat, not topcoat

-“A light blue polish with a grey undertone plus a silver shimmer running throughout.” I love this colour and will be great through until January as it’s so wintry. Formula and application is perfect, as always!

Krampusimg_0119Princess Nail Lacquer Krampus2 coats, no topcoat (Not sure why! I obsvously forgot… Oops.)

-“A mix of black glitter with added silver holographic pigment.” Some people might say this isn’t festive enough but I love it! Again, it’s so super sparkly and so packed with glitter – I’ve never had such a densely packed polishes as all of the glitter ones I’ve shared with you today! 😍

Tinsel TownPrincess Nail Lacquer Tinsel Townimg_01222 coats, no topcoat

– “This polish has a base of 2 different coloured shifting pigment (green-blue & red-gold), it also has cyan-blue-indigo, green-blue-purple & pink-gold flakies, PLUS scattered silver holographic pigment.” Phew! Quite a mixture. Stunning  though isn’t it? I reckon it’ll be full coverage, or near as, with another coat, and it’ll also be great as a topper!

Sleigh DustPrincess Nail Lacquer Sleigh Dustimg_01242 coats, no topcoat

-“A silver base with colour shifting “cyan-blue-indigo” flakie.” Last but certainly not least is this stunner. The same as Tinsel Town, it could be full coverage with 3 coats and a great topper!

There we have people. All the stunning Christmas polishes from PNL! What crackers! 😉 Go check the site out if you haven’t yet! 

Look out for my future posts this mont, I have a lot planned and hopefully I’ll actually get the rest published on time!

C x

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