Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette & Refills Review

Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette & Refills Review

I managed to save up a load of points in Superdrug over Christmas buying people presents, etc. and so I treated myself to the Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette and a few of the ‘refills’ to go in it. I decided to create a mixed palette of face products and eyeshadows so I can just grab it and use it on-the-go, like if I’m going away for the night. 

Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette & Refills Review

The palette itself costs £5, the larger face pans are £3 and the eyeshadow pans are just £2 so they’re really affordable! I just about squeezed in 6 face pans and 6 eyeshadow pans but it is very tight. I always find that theres way too much space around the pans if you don’t have enough in there but any more and there’s not enough space! I do like that you can mix them up and swap them around too – for example, you could have all face products or all eyeshadows.

img_0353For the Face:

Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette & Refills Review
Top: Contour 01, Blush 01, Highlight 03. Bottom: Contour 02, Blush 03, Highlight 01.
Left to right: Contour 01, Contour 02, Blush 01, Blush 03, Highlight 03, Highlight 01. 

I love the texture of all of these, they’re really pigmented and smooth to apply with barely any fall-out. I actually use Contour 01 as an all over face powder as it’s the perfect colour and it means I don’t have to lug a compact with me! Contour 02 is perfect for us pale skinned girls. It looks quite warm-toned in the picture but it’s actually somewhere between warm and cool! Blush 01 is a bright bubblegum pink and Blush 03 is more of a coral pink. Both the highlighting shades are gorgeous, with 03 being more of a champagne and 01 is golden.

For the Eyes:

Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette & Refills Review
Top: Shimmer 01, Matte 06. Middle: Shimmer 03, Matte 02. Bottom: Colour 10, Matte 05. 
Left to right: Shimmer 01, Matte 06, Shimmer 05, Matte 02, Colour 10, Matte 05

Again the application of these are really creamy, even the matte shades which I sometimes find a bit powdery. Shimmer 01 is actually very similar to Highlight 03 so I probably could’ve chosen a different colour but I ordered them online and so I didn’t realise! Shimmer 05 is rose gold colour and Colour 10 is a stunning copper brown. The mattes shades are all quite cool-toned browns for all over colour and darkening up the crease.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these products. I’ve used Freedom before and haven’t ever really had any complaints so I didn’t expect bad things. I might expand the shadow collection at some point and get another palette to store them in.

You can purchase all of these on, I’m not sure about in store!

C x

One thought on “Freedom ProArtist Magnetic Palette & Refills Review

  1. These look lovely but it’s a shame they don’t come with square fittings. I have issues with the gaps on palettes like these are it ends up getting & looking very messy.
    The colours you picked are amazing, I can see myself grabbing a couple of those eye shadows, they’re beautiful!
    Vicky xx

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