Wikked Polish Mini Haul

Just a quick post today! A little while back I purchased 4 Wikked Polish nail polishes in an amazing sale on the site and I thought I’d share them with you. Wikked Polish is a UK based indie polish company , run by Sarah, who’s nail polish is all 5-free, vegan and cruelty free – so make sure to check out the website

 AbsoFlakingLutelyWikkid Polish AbsoFlakingLutelySuch a gorgeous polish! The flakies shift through green, turquoise, blue and purple with hints of gold/orange. Hopefully you can see all, or most of the colours here! This is just one coat over black.

DeFlakingLicious DeFlakingLiciousAnother stunner. This one shifts through fuchsia, pink, orange and gold with a hint of dark blue. Again, one coat over black – they really are packed with flakies.

Between The SheetsWikked Polish Between The SheetsThis is a glittery chameleon polish that shifts between red, violet and blue. I kind of only caught the blue in this photo – but it’s to photograph! It’s stunning IRL though. Just one coat over black.

Green GlowWikked Polish Green GlowWikked Polish Green GlowFinally, we have a glow in the dark polish! I didn’t realise how hard this would be to photograph on my nails! It really does glow though – it’s brighter IRL. 2 coats over white and as you can see doesn’t add colour to the nail.

There we have it – some lovely polishes from Wikked Polish!

C x

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