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January Nail Art Round Up

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I’ll warn you now… this is a lengthy but not so wordy post! Last year I didn’t do much nail art, at all, and so one of my Blog Resolutions was to do some! I plunged in with two nail art challenges this month – the #glamnailschallengejan and the #teamnailprincess v #teamnailvillain. I’ll start with the January Glam Nails Challenge, run by @nbnailart and @natilartbylia_.

Glam Nails Challenge January 2017Glam Nails Challenge January 2017

01 – New YearGlam Nails Challenge Jan 01 - New Year Nail ArtProducts used:

  • New Look Pure Gel – Shell Pink
  • New Look Pure Gel – Dark Khaki
  • nails inc – Snowglobe New Globe Walk

A simple gradient of Shell Pink and Dark Khaki, with a little of New Globe Walk in a subtle glitter gradient.

04 – North PoleGlam Nails Challenge Jan 04 - North Pole Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Wikked Polish – AbsoFlakingLutely
  • Barry M – Black Forest
  • Avon – Galaxy
  • Born Pretty St0re – BP-L006 stamping plate

I used 2 coats of Black Forest, with 1 coat of AbsoFlakingLutely over the top. Then I used the diagonal design from the BP-L006 plate and Galaxy to create the stripes.

08 – Neon SnowflakesGlam Nails Challenge Jan 08 - Neon Snowflakes Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Models Own – White Light
  • Models Own – Sugar Rush
  • Models Own – Candy Floss
  • Models Own – Pink Wellies
  • Models Own – Blue Skies
  • Born Pretty Store – BP-L006 stamping plate

This was a simple one, 2 coats of White Light and then stamped with all 4 of the remaining colours using the snowflake design form the BP-L006 plate.

11 – SparklesGlam Nails Challenge Jan 11 - Sparkles Glitter Rainbow Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Models Own – Silver Fox
  • Models Own – Pink Fizz
  • Models Own – Magenta Divine
  • Models Own – Purple Haze
  • Models Own – Bluebelle
  • Models Own – Emerald City
  • Models Own – Gold Finger
  • Models Own – Scarlett Sparkle

Again, another simple design – I just sponged on the glitter in this rainbow design! I used liquid latex stop the glitters going absolutely everywhere!

15 – MittensGlam Nails Challenge Jan 15 - Mittens Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Eat My Dust
  • Barry M – VIP
  • Barry M – Chai
  • Models Own – White Light
  • Born Pretty Store – BP-L018 stamping plate

I started with a base of Eat My Dust, followed by the snowflakes stamped with Chai. On my pinky and index fingers I added 1 coat of VIP and on the ring and middle fingers I painted my mittens using Chai and White Light (plus Eat My Dust for the snowflake detailing!). I finished it all off with a matte topcoat.

18 – IciclesGlam Nails Challenge Jan 18 - Icicles Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Blackberry
  • Barry M – Blue Sky
  • Barry M – Silver Lining
  • Barry M – Cotton

I used a small striping brush from Born Pretty Store (BPS) to add the icicles in Blue Sky, Silver Lining and Cotton, over a base of Blackberry. Love the effect of this one!

22 – PenguinsGlam Nails Challenge Jan 22 - Penguins Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Chai
  • Models Own – White Light
  • Models Own – Lunar Grey
  • Models Own – Purple Haze
  • MoYou London – White Knight
  • MoYou London – Black Knight
  • Born Pretty Store – Celebration BPX-L008 and BP-01 stamping plates

On top of my gradient of Chai, Lunar Grey and White Light I stamped snowflakes in White Knight from the BP-01 plate. My little penguin is from the Celebration BPX-L008 plate and I used the reverse stamping technique for this using Black Knight and filled in the details with White Knight and Purple Haze using a small detailing brush.

25 – Winter ParadiseGlam Nails Challenge Jan 25 - Winter Paradise Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Pearl
  • Barry M – Mist
  • Barry M – Forest
  • MoYou London – Black Knight
  • Born Pretty Store – Celebration BPX-L008 stamping plate

This was quite simple to do – over my base of the Pearl, Mist and Forest gradient I stamped this design from the BPX-L008 plate with Black Knight and finished it for with a matte topcoat.

29 – Favourite ColourGlam Nails Challenge Jan 29 - Favourite Colour Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Winning Streak
  • Models Own – Brunette Red
  • Makeup Gallery – nail studs
  • Born Pretty Store – BPL-032 stamping plate

Again, another simple design – over the base of Winning Streak I stamped with Brunette Red using the BPL-032 plate and then added some round gold nail studs to finish it off. I went on a stamping rampage with this month because I’ve only recently got the hang of it, but when will I learn to wait! I keep smudging my designs.

The next nail art challenge is the Disney Villain VS Princess run by @wickedfullmoon and @toxicvanityblog – I chose Princess go #teamnailprincess! This runs through to February so I’ll share the rest of my designs next month.

Disney Villain VS PrincessDisney Villain VS Princess nail art challenge

ArielDisney Villain VS Princess Ariel Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Copa Cabana
  • Barry M – Guava
  • Barry M – Greenberry
  • Barry M – Skinny Dip
  • Barry M – Snowflake
  • Barry M – Need For Speed
  • Barry M – Sugar Apple
  • Barry M – Empire State of Mint
  • China Glaze – Fairy Dust
  • scale nail vinyls – I honestly can’t remember where these are from!

For the middle and index finger I used Empire State of Mint for the base and then applied the vinyls and filled in random scales with Guava, Greenberry, Sugar Apple and Snowflake and topped with a teeny bit of Fairy Dust. My ring finger is Skinny Dip and Copa Cabana for the hair – which I used a small detailing brush for. My pinky is Need For Speed topped with Fairy Dust again.

Sleeping BeautyDisney Villains VS Princess Sleeping Beauty Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Olive
  • Barry M – Dead Heat
  • Barry M – On You Marks
  • Barry M – I’ve Been Pinkin’
  • Barry M – Damson
  • Barry M – Sunkissed
  • Barry M – Butterscotch Sundae
  • Models Own – White Light
  • Models Own – Jet Black
  • Born Pretty Store – Rose holo nail vinyls

Hmm… where do I start! I based this design on Sleeping Beauty’s dresses and also her prince! I used Olive (middle), Sunkissed (pinky) and Butterscotch Sundae (ring and index) for bases. For the first dress I used Damson and White Light and added a roses in Dead Heat using the nail vinyls. I used Jet Black and White Light for the second dress and I’ve Been Pinkin’ and White Knight again for the third dress. The Prince’s detail is done in Dead Heat and Damson for the cape and Jet Black and On You Marks for the belt. Phew! All of this was done using a small detailing brush again.

AliceDisney Villains VS Princess Alice In Wonderland Nail ArtProducts used:

  • Barry M – Bug A Blue
  • Barry M – Fuchsia Generation
  • Barry M – Fondant
  • Barry M – Cotton
  • MoYou London – Black Knight
  • Born Pretty Store – BP-L006 stamping plate

I started with a base of Cotton on my first 3 fingers and Fondant on my pinky. I then used Bug A Blue on my index and ring finger and acrylic paint for the card detail – using my small detailing brush. I stamped using Black Knight on my middle finger and Fuchsia Generation on my pinky; both designs  are from the BP-L006 plate.

Nail Art

Okay, so I think thats everything! Sorry it was such a long post and thank you (and well done) to those who have made it this far – I tried to keep it as brief as possible. I’ll be joining the February Glam Nail Challenge next month, as well as continuing the Villain VS Princess challenge, where I’ll try not to stamp so much…

Glam Nails Challenge February 2017

Thanks again if you managed to read it all and I hoped you enjoyed my nail art this month! Which was your favourite?

C x

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