Trosani Ziplac Starter Kit Review*

*I was sent these products for review but all opinions are my own.

Trosani contacted me on Instagram and kindly offered to send me some of their products to review, which included the Ziplac Starter Kit as well as a couple of regular nail polishes, a top coat, nail file/buffer, hand cream and some nail oil. I have never done or had gel nails before and I was excited to try the peel off approach because let’s face it… I have no time or patience for the soak off method!

Trosani Ziplac Starter KitTrosani Ziplac Starter Kit

Product description from the Trosani website:

This Ziplac range has helped open up new dimensions of nail polish products. The wide range of colours available ensures that there is a colour to suit everyone. It’s a step up from your single nail polish, helping create a chip free long lasting polish for up to 14 days. It sets under an LED lamp and cures within 60 seconds, so gone are the days when you needed to wait around for your nails to dry!

The ziplac products will help strengthen the natural nail by up to 10%.

The beauty of this product is that when you are ready to change your colour simply apply our Zipoff formula and peel away, no acetone required, leaving your nails damage free and ready for the next application.

The ziplac system is simple to use, and the products have been created with a smaller brush to help with a neater application.

As you can see, the kit includes everything you need for the application and removal of the gel nail polish, and has instructions for use too. Before applying anything to my nails, I pushed back my cuticles using the hoof stick and my Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover and made sure there was no cuticle remants on my nails, as this can cause the polish to lift after application. I then filed and buffed my nails to prep them for the gel application. By doing this it gives the gel a surface to ‘cling’ to and helps the mani last longer. Before applying the base coat, I wiped my nails with the Zip Clean and pads provided in the kit to dehydrate them, which also helps the gel polish last longer.

Trosani Ziplac Starter Kit

I applied one even coat of the Base & Top coat and cured it under the LED UV lamp for 60 seconds. The light turns itself off after 1 minute, so you don’t need to worry about timing it yourself! Once the 60 seconds was up I went ahead and applied the first coat of the Ziplac gel polish in Fire Red, making sure not to touch my nails or remove the sticky layer before hand. Again, I cured this for 60 seconds and repeated with a second layer. I applied a second application of the Base & Top Coat straight on top of this and cured for 60 seconds and then removed the sticky layer with the Zip Clean. My nails were instantly dry and I had a perfect manicure! Any polish I got on my skin I just removed with the corrector pen from the kit before curing, to make sure my mani lasted and didnt peel!

Trosani Ziplac Starter Kit Fired UpTrosani Ziplac Starter Kit Fired Up

Following the application I used the nail oil and hand cream that Trosani also sent me (pictured below) to rehydrate my nails. Between the time of applicaion and removal (about 4 days) I saw no wear at all. I would’ve liked to have tried this polish for longer as it’s meant to last up to two weeks but I wanted to try peeling it off! Stupidly, I forgot to take a photo of the peel off process but I simply applied the Zip Off around the egdes of my nails and used the hoof stick to peel the polish off after 5 minutes of the product sitting on my nails. It peeled away really easily and I can only imagine that it’s a much simpler, shorter process than soaking off.

As I mentioned earlier, Trosani sent me some other products for me to try. These were a 12ml Nail Care Oil £6.20, which I believe is in the scent grapefruit as it smells lovely and sweet and a Hand Creme, again in grapefruit. These two products are available in other scents too if grapefruit isn’t your thing. They also sent me a 17ml Nail Whitener Top Coat £4.15 (which I have yet to try), a 17ml Topshine Polish in Pearl Onyx £4.15 and a 5ml Topshine Polish in Lady Lilac £3.84. 

Trosani Polish reviewTrosani Polish reviewPearl Onyx – a gorgeous dark metallic blue, 2 coats. Trosani Polish review Pearl Onyx

Lady Lilac – a pretty soft lilac with a subtle shimmer, 2 coats. Trosani Polish review Lady Lilac

Overall, I’m very impressed with these products and I’m surprised at how much they sent me to review, considering the Ziplac Starter Kit costs £60 alone! I do have a discount code for this, TIPPEDOFF, which gives you 10% off. Also, the prices above are for when you have an account with Trosani, if you dont have one the prices are higher so make sure you sign up before you make any purchases!

I just purchased two more colours, Pebble Gray and Ocean Wave, in the Ziplac range as red isn’t my favourite colour and I look forward to trying these too. They cost £8.50 each, when you have an account (£12.69 when you don’t!).

Make sure you check out their website, especially if you haven’t tried gel nail polish before. I feel like this is a good starting place as the kit includes everything you need to get you started, including the UV lamp. Don’t forget to use the code TIPPEDOFF if you end up buying the Starter Kit!

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