iZ Beauty Review

iZ Beauty Review*

*these products were sent to me to review but all opinions are my own

iZ Beauty of London got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products. I’ve tried some of their Deco iT Nail Decals before but nothing else so I was quite excited to try something new from them. They kindly sent me three polishes, two lots of decals and three other different nail art supplies. Read More »

Blog Improvements

This is a rather impromptu blog post… I almost quit Tipped Off Nails a few weeks ago… I’m feeling the pressure from my master’s degree, facing some financial difficulties, and I’m still on the long, slow road of recovering from cancer (see here) – I just still don’t have as much energy or motivation as I’d like! Add the dedication and time needed to run a blog and the fact that my Instagram isn’t growing as much as I’d liked, and I hit a wall. Despite all that, I love doing my nails and I really enjoy sharing this with all my lovely followers. This gave me a new boost of enthusiasm for it all and made me start questioning how I can make improvements.Read More »

New Look Pure Gel Swatches & Review

New Look Pure Gel Swatches & Review

I received these polishes for Christmas and I’m only now just getting them up on my blog! The Pure Gel longwear gel polish from New Look is a gel-look nail polish that doesn’t require UV light to cure and promises 7 days of wear. I have four colours to show you plus the top coat from the same range. New Look have recently revamped their beauty range so I won’t be able to provide any prices or links for these exact polishes but you can find their new style Gel Nail Polish on their website (and in stores) for £3.99 each. I’m pretty sure this was the price of the previous range too. The new range looks so good! If I wasn’t on a no buy I would definitely buy some of the beauty products.

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February The Gatsby Meebox review

February ‘The Gatsby’ Meebox Review

I’m a bit behind uploading this, it’s been sat on my shelf for about 2 weeks now and I’ve only today got around to swatching it. I obviously opened it the day I received it… Anyway, February’s Meebox theme was The Gatsby and the box included 3 full sized nail polishes and 2 nail art items. I actually, again, wasn’t too impressed with this box. I don’t know precisely why, I really can’t place my finger on it, but I just wasn’t ‘wowed’ when I opened the box!

Also, please excuse the state of my nails. I did the stupid thing – I picked of my acrylics and now they’re really thin and broken and dry… Shame on me!
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