February The Gatsby Meebox review

February ‘The Gatsby’ Meebox Review

I’m a bit behind uploading this, it’s been sat on my shelf for about 2 weeks now and I’ve only today got around to swatching it. I obviously opened it the day I received it… Anyway, February’s Meebox theme was The Gatsby and the box included 3 full sized nail polishes and 2 nail art items. I actually, again, wasn’t too impressed with this box. I don’t know precisely why, I really can’t place my finger on it, but I just wasn’t ‘wowed’ when I opened the box!

Also, please excuse the state of my nails. I did the stupid thing – I picked of my acrylics and now they’re really thin and broken and dry… Shame on me!

February The Gatsby Meebox review

Maggie Anne Pearl – RRP £10.50 (11ml)img_0208

A standard black, which took 2 coats. I feel like I could get a black like this for much cheaper and it’s the same quality! Although it does fit the theme of course…

Color Club Midnight Mulberry – RRP £6.99 (15ml)img_0209

This is like a smokey purple. It’s lighter in real life that photographed, for some reason. I quite like this colour, actually. This is two coats.

Little Ondine Copper Spark – RRP £11 (10.5ml)img_0210img_0211Okay, so this product I love. Meebox has featured this brand before and I love that it’s a peel off polish, which makes wearing glitters so much easier! The colour is gorgeous too and the polish is packed with glitter – this is two coats!

Nail Mail Art Deco Nail Vinyls – RRP £3.95 (12 frames)February The Gatsby Meebox review Nail-mail stencils

I quite like the design of these, but unfortunately my nails are so bloody short right now I can’t capture the beauty of them!

Sparkly Nails Gold Caviar Beads – RRP £1.99 (15g)February The Gatsby Meebox review sparkly nailsI’ve never really got on with nail caviar as I find them too raised and they fall off too easily. I tried to incorporate them into my nail art design, however.


My clean up is so poor in these photos, I always struggle to keep my nails neat when they’re so short! So, apologies if these photos aren’t my best.

The total cost of this box is £34.43, which isn’t as much as usual but still higher than the cost of the box (£20).

Unfortunately, I’m stopping Meebox again. It may just be temporary but I’ve been feeling less excited when it turns up recently and I also need to manage my money a bit better. Sadly, Meebox is one of the things getting cut!

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C x

4 thoughts on “February ‘The Gatsby’ Meebox Review

  1. Love your swatches and this box is pretty, your nail art looks are amazing! However I’d rather spend £20 on products I really want per month & so like you, gave up on meebox last year.
    Vicky x

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