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This is a rather impromptu blog post… I almost quit Tipped Off Nails a few weeks ago… I’m feeling the pressure from my master’s degree, facing some financial difficulties, and I’m still on the long, slow road of recovering from cancer (see here) – I just still don’t have as much energy or motivation as I’d like! Add the dedication and time needed to run a blog and the fact that my Instagram isn’t growing as much as I’d liked, and I hit a wall. Despite all that, I love doing my nails and I really enjoy sharing this with all my lovely followers. This gave me a new boost of enthusiasm for it all and made me start questioning how I can make improvements.

I started by updating my theme to something fresh and Spring-like and I actually love it. However, I’m not a fan of my current featured photos as they were taken to sit on my old blog style and at the moment I think they look terrible on this theme! Anyway, I hope you like the new design and I want to tweak my blog some more by adding better content for everyone and improving the overall quality. I can’t really increase the number of times I post at the moment because of a busy uni schedule but I’m more than happy to take any suggestions in relation to anything else. I know for sure I want to do more nail art, even if I just feature it on my Instagram account, and potentially start filming some tutorials for the designs once I have a bit more time and I’ve figured out a setup. Maybe this will lead to a YouTube account!? Who knows…

I’ve also been contacted by quite a few companies recently who have very kindly sent me products to test and review for them. Although I know this isn’t all that blogging is about, it makes me feel like my work IS good enough. The fact that companies have noticed me feels rewarding and is another reason that makes all the effort worthwhile. This and the all the love I get from my lovely followers – thank you!

So, do you like my blog as it is? Or could you see improvements being made? I know I need to work on my photographs some more, but what content do you want to see? I’d also like to know what day is best to post? I currently post on Saturday but might change that. Take a look at the polls below and feel free to comment any ideas if I haven’t thought of it. 

Thank you for your time and all your support so far!

C x 

8 thoughts on “Blog Improvements

  1. Hey lovely! I’ve just come across your blog and would love to keep up with your blogging journey. We can also catch up on Instagram, it’ll be great to make new IG friends.. I’m @throughmylens123. Look forward to more! Xx


  2. I love the new theme, it does look fresh and pretty! It’s really exciting that some different companies have reached out to you. Since blogging, from some perspectives, can be seen as free advertising it is nice when you get some form of compensation other than engaging with the community. Cosmetics can cost a lot of money quickly :]

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