Annika Spring Nail Colours – Swatches & Review*

*these products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

First of all, how is it April already!? Where is this year going…? Secondly, I have some cute spring nail colours to share with you today from Annika, made by the Edge Nails a UK brand.I also have a new nail tool that I purchased from eBay and wanted to try out, which I’ll share with you at the end! 

Annika Spring Colours

Bella BallerinaIMG_0399IMG_0400This is a sheer soft pink that would be perfect for a french manicure – if that’s your thing! This is 2 coats, no top coat and it’s still a little streaky. 

Mellow YellowIMG_0401IMG_0402

This pale pastel yellow could make some cute little chicks this easter! I found the formula a little streaky on this one too and it took 3 coats to look smooth. 

Pool PartyIMG_0403IMG_0404This is acually a little paler in real life, much more like the colour of the polish in the bottle than on my nails! I’m not sure why my nails are brighter! Again, this took 3 coats for full coverage. 

eBay Nail Art PenIMG_0406IMG_0407IMG_0408IMG_0409So I purchased this mutli-tool for £1.49, mostly because I wanted to try the nib for lines. It’s designed much like a fountain pen, so I though it might be useful for creating fine lines for nail art. However, I think it might take some practice a smy lines came out a litte chunky on my first attempt! (see below). It also doubles as a dotting tool – you just pull the nib out and replace with the required size and the rest store inside the pen. 


I also used Annika White Swan for this nail art, which I recieved a long time ago in a Meebox. As I said it didn’t come out quite how I pictured… I also find it super hard to swatch and do nail art on such short nails! They’re still recovering from my poor acrylic removal (my fault) and I’m keeping them short until the damage grows out. 

Each of these polishes are 11ml and cost £4.20. The Edge Nails also sell a multitude of different nail art supplies, standard and gel polishes and nail care products! They mostly sell to wholaesalers, nail salons and nail technicians but they do sell to the general public too. Make sure you check out their site – here’s a20% off code for your first order: WELCOMEOFFER

C x

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