March ‘Miami Nice’ Meebox

My last ever Meebox! I’m kind of sad because this is a good box but I needed to cut back on my spending and this was one the first things to go, unfortunately. This time, we got 3 nail polishes, a glass nail file and a couple of nail art materials.


Leighton Denny – Crystal nail file £8.50 (not for resale)fullsizeoutput_173This is just a great quality travel sized glass nail file. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale but you can get the small crystal nail file for £12.50 here.

Charlies Nail Art Rhombus nail glitter 75p and Holographic glitter nail foil 39pfullsizeoutput_171Both of these are great little nail art materials to have in your supplies, and really cheap. The glitter will be great for placement and I have yet to successfully try the nail foil! I gave it a shot but I could not get it to work – any suggestions/tips?

Nailberry Extravagant £14.50 (15ml)fullsizeoutput_176fullsizeoutput_177I love this colour, it’s actually one of my favourites to wear on my nails but more in the autumn/winter. I also have a lot of other polishes very similar if not the same as this from other brands that I’ll be choosing over this one, simply because the brush is way too long and I find it hard to control. It has good coverage though and a great finish, this is just 2 coats, no topcoat.

Lauren b. Beauty Coral Canyon £11 (15ml)fullsizeoutput_174fullsizeoutput_175I love this colour for spring/summer but I’m not sure if this bright, peach colour suits me! I was surprised by the formula on this one as it took just 2 coats to get this plump shiny finish. Again, I had trouble with the brush…

Floss Gloss Wet £7.50 (5.5ml)fullsizeoutput_178fullsizeoutput_179Yay, a normal brush! I just wish it was rounded – maybe I’m just fussy? Ha! This is an amazingly bright, popping turquoise. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot this summer. I love Floss Gloss polishes but haven’t actually purchased any myself, I’ve only received them in my Meebox.


My nail art this time is based on the info card in the box. I didn’t use any of the nail art materials that were in the box but I used all 3 colours to create this fun mani!

The value of the box is £42.64, so more than twice what you pay for the subscription!

After writing this post, I’m actually pretty sad I won’t be reviewing Meebox every month now… Hopefully, I can resubscribe again in the future if my finances improve.

C x

3 thoughts on “March ‘Miami Nice’ Meebox

  1. I had to cut meebox out because I was saving and then found I didn’t miss it. I have been spending the money on any specific polishes/nail art bits I want.
    However these polishes are gorgeous, I love how bright the floss gloss looks on you. Shame they’re not overly unique but basic cremes are always needed.
    Finally – I love your nail art! It’s gorgeous and totally captures the vibe of the theme.
    Vicky x

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