Mont Bleu Nail Tools Review *

*these products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

Mont Bleu very kindly sent me a LOAD of their nail tools to try out. The company manufacture Czech made glass nail files and are a “Design Atelier who make Bijoux, and decorates beauty products and gifts with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS”. I’d seen a couple of people post about the brand on Instagram but I hadn’t seen or heard much about them until they contacted me and I got a good look at their website and products. I didn’t know what to pick so I let them chose for me but simply requested blue, they do a tonne of different colours though… They ended up sending me 5 different files, a cuticle pusher, tweezers AND scissors!IMG_0374

All-in-one Glass Foot File (MB-5379£12.17 – Cyan IMG_0376The only thing I’ve attempted to file my feet with is a pumice stone so this glass foot file is a bit different. One side is medium ‘grit’ and the other is fine and works nicely on different areas of your feet. It actually worked as well so I’ll be pairing this with my pumice stone in my foot care.

Set of 3 Glass Nail Files (C-BMS2£12.18 – Blue IMG_0377This lovely trio are actually a great price, especially for the quality, seeing as you can go and buy one Boots own brand glass nail file for £10! The large (195mm) one is a bit cumbersome for me and I struggled to use it on my nails, but it might work on smaller areas of your feet. The medium (135mm) file, like any other regular file, is the perfect size and very easy to use and the mini (90mm) is great for popping in your bag. All 3 of these have a good grit on them and are very high quality. They leave my nails lovely and smooth.

Swarkovski Glass Nail File (WC-M4) £8.70 – SapphireIMG_0378IMG_0379The Swarovski file is just a snazzier version of the medium sized one from the 3 piece set but would make a great gift for someone – and who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle!

Dual-end Glass Cuticle Pusher (GCS-1.8£4.78 – CyanIMG_0380I was very intrigued by this tool! I’ve only ever used orange sticks or rubber cuticle pushers so it was weird to be essentially filing them. You have to be careful and not use too much pressure otherwise you end up filing a groove into your nail (like I did!) but once you get the technique right it’s really useful for removing those stubborn bits of cuticle that won’t come up from the nail bed or for helping get those pesky hangnails off.

Mont Bleu Cuticle + Nail Scissors (MB-5379£12.17IMG_0382These scissors are very high quality and feel like they’re going to last a long time. Although I don’t use scissors to cut my nails, I have been using these to cut off any hangnails or peeling bits of the cuticle (no, I don’t cut the healthy cuticle just any dry parts that are catching). The fine point helps you get right down to the skin so you don’t leave any snagging bits behind.

Mont Bleu Tweezers (MB-64747£8.69IMG_0381Finally, we have the tweezers. Again, these are good quality tweezers and although they’re better than the ones I use for my brows, I’ve opted to use them when I’m doing nail art, to peel off liquid latex or nail decals, etc.

Overall, I’m really impressed with these Mont Bleu nail tools. I really can’t find any faults. It would set you back around £60 to purchase all of the products I’ve been sent (thank you, Mont Bleu, for being so generous!) but I feel like it would be good to invest in a few, even if it’s just the set of 3! You can shop at their e-shop (here) and use the code BLOG for 20% off purchases, or you can find them on Amazon (here). If for some reason you wanted to buy them in bulk, like for a salon, you can do at their wholesale website (here). You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google Plus!

C x


2 thoughts on “Mont Bleu Nail Tools Review *

  1. Ooh these are gorgeous and although I would never have gone for the blue, I’m totally loving it so much!! I love the massive foot glass file too, that’s a whopper!
    Vicky x

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