Primark PS… Part 1: Neons & Brights

This month I’m going to be sharing a whole load of Primark Ps… Nail Paints with you! I’ve been picking them up over the last few months and I’m going to kick off the series (and official summer months) with the neons and brights, which has the most polishes to get through! I’ll start with the polishes from the bright Summer Collection, which are all 90p each! Bargain…Primark Summer CollectionBlue CrushPrimark Summer Collection Blue CrushThis royal blue is absolulety gorgeous, but it was a little on the thin side, more of a jelly,  and took 3 coats. Saying that, it does dry quickly so this didnt bother me too much. Also, all of these swatches are without topcoat and they’re all so shiny!

Grape SodaPrimark Summer Collection Grape SodaThis purple is so bright and fun and again, it took 3 coats.

Raspberry RipplePrimark Summer Collection Raspberry RippleThis colour doesn’t remind me of raspbery ripple but bright fuschia flowers. It’s stunning regardless and took just 2 coats and hase more of a creme formula that the first 2.

Vintage SilkPrimark Summer Collection Vintage SilkAnother gorgeous pink, this time round it’s a coral shade. This again is more of a creme formula and took 2 coats.

Sunset StripPrimark Summer Collection Sunset StripAnother bright orange to add to my collection! This one is darker than the Itsy Nails No Fear that I reviewed the other, it’s nice to have a rainbow of colours! This is 2 coats.

Now let’s move on to the neons, which glow! This set of 3 polishes cost just £2, which is  less than 67p per nail polish! Unfortunately they don’t have names and the formula is a little different to the normal polish range from Primark – they smell a bit cheap, like the old formula (which they have changed recently, so they no longer smell horrible)! But other than that they apply well and dry quickly so no complaints if you can put up with a bit of smell while applying. Also, anyone that has swatched neon nail polish knows it’s really hard to capture how bright they truly are, so all of these swatches are bit dulled down in comparison to real life! Primark PS Nail Polish Neons
OrangePrimark PS Nail Polish Neons Orange Glow
Primark PS Nail Polish Neons Orange Glow
Although this looks very similar to Sunset Strip, it’s very much more neon in real life, and of course it glows! I took these glow shots under my gel lamp to try and capture it! It took 3 coats to get this one opaque.

PinkPrimark PS Nail Polish Neons Pink GlowPrimark PS Nail Polish Neons Pink GlowOnce again, I couldn’t capture how neon this is in daylight but you can really see how mcuh this one glows! This is just 2 coats.

Purple Primark PS Nail Polish Neons Purple GlowPrimark PS Nail Polish Neons Purple Glow
This neon purple has a lovely shimmer to it and it also glows in the dark!

Here’s a comparison shot of the glow and some fun palm tree nail art, which is also my entry into Day 07 of the June GlamNailsChallenge on instagram!

Primark PS Nail Polish Neons GlowPrimark PS Nail Polish Neons Glow

Palm Tree NailsWell there you go! I hope you like these polishes, I love them all… I need to say thanks to Vicky from the polish list for pointing out that these glow! She also made me aware that the Models Own Festival Collection also glows! Maybe I’ll take glow shots one day…

C x

2 thoughts on “Primark PS… Part 1: Neons & Brights

  1. I love a Primark polish and these are all gorgeous. I fell in love with the neons and those brights! Your swatches are stunning & I love your nails art.
    Vicky x

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