Primark Ps… Part 2: Classic and Matte

If you saw my last post on the Neons and Brights Primark Ps Polishes then you’ll know I have plenty more to share with you! If you haven’t… read it here. This time round I have 6 glossy/classic nails paints and 2 from the matte range, which I didn’t want to pots on their own! I’ve been picking this up as far back as in the January sales although I’m sure most of them are still available to buy.. except maybe Green Goddess. I’ll start with the classics, all of which cost 90p unless stated otherwise. Once again, all of these swatches are without topcoat so you can see the finish of the polish. Primark Ps...

Optic 80pPrimark Ps... Optic swatchI’m 99% sure this is an old formula as it was reduced to 80p and it was pretty tricky to use – it felt thicker than usual and it had that cheap smell to it! This is 3 coats, depsite being quite thick it woudn’t smooth out! I think if I were to buy this agian I would make it sure it was the newer formula as I have never had a problem in application with those.

MoonstonePrimark Ps... MoonstoneThis is a strange but lovely colour and I’m not enitrely sure how to describe it! Maybe a very light olively nude? What do you think? Either way I actually prefer this on my nails to in the bottle and I quite liked it when I saw it on the shelf. This is just 2 coats.

Cool NudePrimark Ps... Cool Nude
A classic nude that you can’t go wrong with. Formula is a little thin on this one and took me 3 coats to smooth it all out but tother than that it’s a great polish!

Vintage RosePrimark Ps... Vintage Rose
The name is a pretty acurate colour description, if you google vintage rose you’ll see lots of roses with this colour in them. I think this is a perfect pink for summer if you don’t want anything too bright. This is just 2 coats again.

Midnight MusePrimark Ps... Midnight MuseThis may seem a little dark for summer, I picked it up in January, but it’s still a gorgeous dusty dark grey/blue. I think it pairs pretty well with Vintage Rose.

Green Goddess 80pPrimark Ps... Green GoddessOkay, so this may look black but it is actually a very very dark green! You can just about tell in real life… This, like Optic, is one of the old formula polishes but not as thick and hard to deal with. You can actually tell by the bottle for both of these as the ‘PS…’ is much larger. This is just 2 coats, but you can see it doesn’t seem to have the same finish as the other polishes.

Now we’re moving on to the 2 matte shades I picked up. I want to find some more of these but at the moment they don’t have any in my local Primark. These are a little more expensive at £1.50 each. IMG_0272

Khaki Primark Ps... Khaki matte nail polishThese actually have a great formula – they apply well in just 2 coats and they do dry matte! I’m loving wearing khaki at the moment and I really love it on my nails too.

Dark PurplePrimark Ps... Dark Purple Matte Nail PolishThis has the same great formula as Khaki, with just 2 coats needed, but the name isn’t very accurate. Yes, it’s dark but I don’t see this as purple but a warm-toned brown!

Overall, I’m still impressed with the Primark polishes and the range of colours and finishes they have. They’re so cheap but not all of them feel or apply like cheap nail polish – just make sure you pick up the newer formula (you can normaly tell by smelling it!).

C x

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