Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Part One

Kiko Milano: Part One – Peaches, Oranges & Yellows

So I haven’t written a blog post for just over a week – oops! This was also meant to be up yesterday… Time has gotten away with me, what with the combination of uni/work and organising my #cancerawarenesscollab on instagram. I did this to raise awareness for all types of cancer and to show support for all those have been affected! Please take a minute to check it out, 124 amazing ladies from the nail community joined me – and there’s still time to donate to my Cancer Research page for the Race For Life I completed on Sunday (here)! It all helps beat cancer sooner.

Anyway, back to today’s post… Months ago, over a period of time, I bought a load of Kiko Milano nail polishes in their awesome sale, where I managed to get them all for 75p each! If you didn’t know Kiko Milano are an Italian brand that were established in 1997. Their nail lacquers are Toluene, Camphor, DBP and Formaldehyde FREE and come in 11ml bottles.

Their description:

  • Nail polish with hardening and strengthening action. 
  • The gel texture gives an extreme lacquered shine and an ideal level of fluidity for perfect control and great ease of application.
  • Special resins facilitate ’adherence of the pigments to the ’nail, creating a strong, elastic layer which, thanks to the long wear active ingredients, heightens durability and the brilliance of the colour.
  • Citral, a natural active ingredient with strengthening and hardening properties, seals and protects the nails creating an unscratchable armor of light.

I’m starting off with the peaches, oranges and yellows – I need to break them up over 10 posts, I ended up getting so many! I’ll keep the descriptions short and sweet as there’s so many.Kiko Milano Part One Swatches

281 – MangoKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatches - 281 MangoThis orangey/pink is a gorgeous summer colour but was a little on the thin side! It took 3 coats to get an opaque, smooth finish.

360 – Strawberry PinkKiko Milano Nail Laquer Swatch - 360 Strawberry PinkAnother gorgeous summer colour! This coral-pink took just 2 coats to get full coverage and has a much creamier formula to it.

359 – Light PeachKiko Milano Nail Lacquer swatch - 359 Light PeachA lovely light peach that leans orange and a 3 coater.

358 – Peach Rose (no longer available online) Kiko Milano Nial Lacquer Swatch - 358 Peach RoseNot sure where the rose aspect comes in btu a lovely peachy colour regardless! Again, this is a creme 2 coater.

483 – Papaya (no longer available online)Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 483 PapayaSlightly more orange than Peach Rose but still has a peachy tone to it! 2 coats again.

357 – Bright OrangeKiko Milano Nail Lacquer - 357 Bright OrangeA gorgeous dark orange that takes just 2 coats.

280 – OrangeKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 280 OrangeAnother fun, bright orange! And another 2 coater.

356 – MelonKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 356 MelonMelon is a fun yellow that leans orange a tiny bit! 2 coats.

279 – YellowKiko Milano Nail Lacquer - 279 YellowThe name is what it is! A yellow that is fun and bright – a colour I needed in my collection. 2 coats.

355 – Canary YellowKiko Milano Nail Lacquer - 355 Canary YellowAnother sunny yellow, slightly lighter than Yellow. This is a little on the thin side again and takes 3 coats.

Overall, I love the formula and shiny finish of these polishes. There’s only a few so far that are a bit thin but they drick pretty quickly so it’s not too much of an issue.

Make sure you keep an eye out for all my Kiko Milano posts coming up over this month!

C x

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5 thoughts on “Kiko Milano: Part One – Peaches, Oranges & Yellows

  1. Ooo I’m drooling over those oranges! It’s nice that their core collection has a variety instead of just one token orange and they are all clearly different :]

    It would be super pretty to do a gradient with one of the peaches, oranges, and yellow, the colors together look very sunset-y!

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