Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatches

Kiko Milano: Part Three – Teals & Blues

I’m continuing on my Kiko Milano haul swatches today and sharing the next 10 shades, which continue on nicely with the last post with some teals and then moves on to the blues. As I stated in my first post in this series, I bought a load of Kiko Milano nail polishes in their awesome sale, for 75p each! They’re currently available for £1, which is a 74% saving. Kiko Milano are an Italian brand that were established in 1997. Their nail lacquers are Toluene, Camphor, DBP and Formaldehyde FREE and come in 11ml bottles.

Their description:

  • Nail polish with hardening and strengthening action. 
  • The gel texture gives an extreme lacquered shine and an ideal level of fluidity for perfect control and great ease of application.
  • Special resins facilitate ’adherence of the pigments to the ’nail, creating a strong, elastic layer which, thanks to the long wear active ingredients, heightens durability and the brilliance of the colour.
  • Citral, a natural active ingredient with strengthening and hardening properties, seals and protects the nails creating an unscratchable armor of light.

Descriptions will be brief as I have so many to share!Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatches

528 – Ocean GreenKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 528 Ocean GreenI’m loving this gorgeous deep teal. It leans more green in real life. 2 coats.

383 – Oil BlueKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 383 Oil BlueNow we move on to the blues, starting with this gorgeous deep shade. Very creme-y and just 2 coats.

523 – Royal BlueKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 523 Royal BlueI wouldn’t describe this as royal blue but navy, either way, it’s gorgeous. Just 2 coats.

335 – Ink Blue335 Now this is more of a royal blue than Royal Blue is – haha! Such a lovely colour. 2 coats.

336 – Electric BlueKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 336 Electric BlueI’m in love with this blue! It’s so gorgeous, I’ll definitely be wearing this one regularly. 2 coats.

294 – Indigo 
Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 385 Indigo
This looks very similar to the previous colour in the picture but IRL it is different, it’s lighter and slightly more muted! It has more of a creme finish too. 2 coats.

385 – Pastel Blue (no longer available online)Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 385 Pastel BlueNot quite a pastel blue but such a pretty colour regardless. Kiko aren’t very good at naming their colours! 2 coats.

295 – Cerulean BlueKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 295 Cerulean Blue Another gorgeous blue, very similar to Malibu by Barry M. 2 coats. Annoyingly I missed this one when I was swatching and once I had finished my swatch session I had to cut my nails down so they’re a different shape!

340 – Light BlueKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 340 Light BlueJust a simple gorgeous light blue which only needed 2 coats.

338 – Light LavendarKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch - 338Okay, so this actually does look like a light lavender in this photo but in real life, it looks almost like a lovely cornflour blue! 2 coats.

As always, super shiny formulas with a smooth finish!

Make sure you keep an eye out for all my Kiko Milano posts coming up over this month & check Part One here and Part Two here.

C x

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