Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer swatches part 6

Kiko Milano: Part Six – Pinks

Continuing on with my 75p each Kiko Milano collection today; which are mostly still available for £1. Kiko Milano is an Italian brand that was established in 1997. Their nail lacquers are Toluene, Camphor, DBP and Formaldehyde FREE and come in 11ml bottles. Today I’ll be sharing the rest of the pinks! My cuticles might be a little dry in these ones, I had a fair few shifts at work before swatching these, which ruins my nails and hands! 

Their description:

  • Nail polish with hardening and strengthening action. 
  • The gel texture gives an extreme lacquered shine and an ideal level of fluidity for perfect control and great ease of application.
  • Special resins facilitate ’adherence of the pigments to the ’nail, creating a strong, elastic layer which, thanks to the long wear active ingredients, heightens durability and the brilliance of the colour.
  • Citral, a natural active ingredient with strengthening and hardening properties, seals and protects the nails creating an unscratchable armour of light.

Once again, I’m keeping descriptions to a minimum due to all the colours I have to share!
Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatches Part six - Pinks

313 – Heather PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 313 - Heather PinkA lovely bright, fuschia pink. 1 coat.

289 – Dark Flamingo PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer 289 - Dark Flamingo PinkAnother bright pink, this one is 2 coats.

288 – Flamingo PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 288 Flamingo PinkA bright, Barbie pink. 3 coats.

377 – Apple BlossomKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 377 Apple BlossomThe first of 2 bubble gum pinks, this one is the darker one. 3 coats.

506 – Venus PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer 506 Venus PinkAnd here’s the second bubble gum pink, the lighter one; also 3 coats.

282 – Coral PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 282 Coral PinkThis does actually look more coral IRL but for some reason, it didn’t capture well in the photo. 3 coats.

283 – Dark Coral PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 283 Dark Coral PinkAs the name suggest, this is a lovely dark coral pink, 2 coats.

284 – Dark Peony PinkKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 284 Dark Peony PinkThis is another fuschia-esque pink. 2 coats.

365 – Tattoo RoseKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 365 Tattoo RoseA more muted, neutral pink. 1 coat.

486 – Tea RoseKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 486 Tea RoseWhat a lovely colour to finish on, another more muted rose-y pink. 2 coats.

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