Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch Part eight

Kiko Milano: Part Eight – Shimmers

I’m finally on the last 10 polishes – these all have an obvious shimmer! These all cost me 75p at the time of purchase but can now be bought for £1 each (if still available). Kiko Milano is an Italian brand that was established in 1997. Their nail lacquers are Toluene, Camphor, DBP and Formaldehyde FREE and come in 11ml bottles.  Again, these are all opaque with 2 coats. 

Their description:

  • Nail polish with hardening and strengthening action. 
  • The gel texture gives an extreme lacquered shine and an ideal level of fluidity for perfect control and great ease of application.
  • Special resins facilitate ’adherence of the pigments to the ’nail, creating a strong, elastic layer which, thanks to the long wear active ingredients, heightens durability and the brilliance of the colour.
  • Citral, a natural active ingredient with strengthening and hardening properties, seals and protects the nails creating an unscratchable armour of light.

Keeping the descriptions brief again. Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer swatches part eight

382 – Pearly GunmetalKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch Pearly GunmetalJust a slight shimmer to this dark grey.

516 – Metallic StoneKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 516 Metallic StoneSimilar to the last shade but with a slightly more pearlescent finish.

524 – Blue MulticolourKiko Milano Nei Lacquer 524 Blue MulticolourA dark grey/blue base with a multitude of glitters in – purple, blues and silvers.

497 – Pearly Indian VioletKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 497 Pearly Indian VioletA gorgeous navy blue/violet base with a copper and purple pearly shimmer.

530 – Pearly Blue Peacock (no longer available online)Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 530 Pearly Blue PeacockI LOVE this shade. It’s such a beautiful blue with light golden and pale green/turquoise shimmers.

532 – Pearly Amazon GreenKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 532 Pearly Amazon GreenAnother favourite of mine. A deep teal/dark green with, again, light golden/light green shimmers.

533 – Pearly Golden GreenKiko Milano Nail Lacquer 533 Pearly Golden GreenYup, apparently I couldn’t get this one in focus! but it works out because it shows of the golden shimmer in this bright green much better blurry! haha.

514 – Pearly Golden CoffeeKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch. 514 Pearly Golden Sand
Again, sorry, this one is a little out of focus too but it does show off the golden/coppery shimmer!

480 – Pearly Brass (no longer available online)Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 480 Pearly GoldenA metallic/pearly cool toned light gold.

479 – Pearly Golden SesameKiko Milano Nail Lacquer Swatch 479A beautiful pale champagne gold.

Thank you for reading all of these posts (if you have)! Make sure you read all 7 other posts (here)!

C x

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