Friction Free Shaving!?

I stumbled across Friction Free Shaving this month and I wanted to share their subscription service with you today (with a chance of winning a starter pack for yourself!). If I haven’t made it clear yet, FFS (yep!) is a monthly subscription service that delivers razor refills to your door, starting at just £5 a month! In the first box you get a razor, 4 refills, and a cover to protect your blades when not in use. You also get a shower holder in your second box to keep it safe and you can add shaving cream to your subscription for £6 a month. Every delivery after that contains 4 razor refill cartridges, with the idea that you use a new one every week. But, what’s great is that you can pause for a month if needed or even get it delivered bi-monthly if you’re just not getting through the refill packs.IMG_1861IMG_1867IMG_1862IMG_1864IMG_1863

Currently, FFS are offering 2 types of subscription, Rose and Frankie. I’ve signed up to Rose (pictured above), which is a little pricier at £9 a month but I feel like it’s worth it. The handle is a beautiful rose gold finish, which is actually engraved with my name (I’ll talk about this a bit more later) that has a good weight to it making it easy to use. Although it has a shiny finish, you don’t need to worry about it slipping out of your hand because it has a rubbery grip feature on the back of the handle. IMG_1865IMG_1866Another reason I chose Rose over Frankie is due to the quality of the razor itself. Frankie only has 3 blades but Rose has 6 (diamond-coated may I add) with an added vitamin-e strip. It also has a single “bikini styling” blade on the back of the cartridge, which is a great touch. If you’re anything like me and cheap, disposable razor blades send your legs into a horrible frenzy of dry, itchiness then you’ll probably want to choose this one! This is another reason why I’m willing to pay for £9 a month over £5. I’ve already tried Rose out and she glides beautifully over my skin. The blades are sharp and the fact there are more of them means I get a closer, smoother shave than my current razor, which only has 4 blades (that don’t feel as sharp if I’m honest). The cartridge is easy to change too, just clip it on and then press the button to release it.

If you’re wondering why I’ve already opted for bi-monthly, it’s because I really don’t shave my legs that much; I’m far too lazy and they’re hardly ever out. I do shave my armpits every day though (Is that weird? Let me know if it is!). However, I don’t think that’ll blunt my blade enough to change it every week, but I’ll have to see how it goes. At £9 over 2 months (8 weeks), this works out at just over £1.10 a week. Before signing up, I  would try to get the cheapest, higher quality, razor refills I could find but they still end up costing me about £10 for 4 and I found they just didn’t last very long. I’m normally buying a new pack every 6 weeks… Or I’d use a blunt razor to put off buying any more. If my calculations are correct, that’s about £1.30 a week! A small saving but a saving at that.

I’m excited to see how this works out for me but I have high hopes from my initial reaction. Oh! To get my name engraved on the handle I just entered the code, which I believe was ROSE30. If you’re not interested in it being engraved though you can use this referral code (X9BS4N) or just follow the link for 25% off your first month:

IMG_1870Now on to the giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post. Simple! You just have to be living in the UK and be 18. Ends on 30th September.

UPDATE: The winner has been randomly picked and notified. Thank you to everyone who entered! 

Good luck!

C x


26 thoughts on “Friction Free Shaving!?

  1. Ooo this really does sound fab! My skin would hate me if I shaved my armpits every day…I do it now and again if I’ve got events in a row but it doesn’t usually end well 😦 Not sure if it’s the razor or just me haha!

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    • My legs hate me if I shave more than twice a week (which I rarely do) but my armpits seem to be fine! Luckily for me, it’s not very coarse hair so that probably helps. I just can’t stand the feeling of stubbly pits 😂😂


  2. Ooo this sounds good! I too am too lazy too shave my legs! (There lucky if I shave them once a fortnight! 😂) but this razor looks so pretty and would work out a similar price anyway to the random men’s ones I buy! 😍💕

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  3. I’m really glad you’ve reviewed this! I was looking at it earlier on in the month. I shave a fair bit as I don’t like the feel of stubbiness! The 6 blades sounds fab and it looks pretty too – I mean it’s rose gold 😉 who doesn’t love rose gold?!

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  4. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting this each month and didn’t know if it would be worth it and I love how you can et your name engraved on it- it’s super cute!

    I think if actually get use of it two as I have to wear shorts when I’m lifegaurding so have to shave my legs everyday 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 xxx

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