Wilkinson Sword Wonder Woman Lipsticks

Currently, Wilkinson Sword has an offer on – buy a promotional product to get a code and claim a free limited edition lipstick through their website! According to them, they’re worth £10 each and are a “long-lasting lip colour, super vitamin enriched for luxuriously soft and alluring lips, with the perfect Wonder Woman-inspired shade to suit every look. Each Lip Cream contains the highest amount of Shea butter that is possible to integrate within a formulation with it still remaining in a lipstick form, allowing for a soft, highly-moisturising finish! Beautifully presented in a matte black casing, featuring your chosen Wonder Woman shade and Wonder Woman logo. Lightly scented, this is a lovely touch of indulgence you’ll want to treat your lips to again and again! Product not tested on animals.” They did take a few weeks to come through but they’re worth the wait…Read More »