Wilkinson Sword Wonder Woman Lipsticks

Currently, Wilkinson Sword has an offer on – buy a promotional product to get a code and claim a free limited edition lipstick through their website! According to them, they’re worth £10 each and are a “long-lasting lip colour, super vitamin enriched for luxuriously soft and alluring lips, with the perfect Wonder Woman-inspired shade to suit every look. Each Lip Cream contains the highest amount of Shea butter that is possible to integrate within a formulation with it still remaining in a lipstick form, allowing for a soft, highly-moisturising finish! Beautifully presented in a matte black casing, featuring your chosen Wonder Woman shade and Wonder Woman logo. Lightly scented, this is a lovely touch of indulgence you’ll want to treat your lips to again and again! Product not tested on animals.” They did take a few weeks to come through but they’re worth the wait…IMG_0726IMG_0727IMG_0728I’ve ended up with two of the lipsticks and luckily I got a different one each time, as you choose a first choice, second choice and so on… The two shades I have are Wisdom, a deep burgundy/red, and Wonder, a great peachy/nude shade.IMG_0730IMG_0729IMG_0731They have a dewy finish to them and they feel smooth and silky on the lips. They smell great too! I don’t feel like these will be very long lasting but I’m used to wearing liquid lipsticks so I’m probably not the best person to judge longevity. Overal though, they feel like good quality lipsticks and they’re free!

There are two other colours to collect: Grace, a pink and Power, a vivid red. Depending on whether I purchase any more Wilkinson Sword products before the offer ends (31 May 2018) I might try and get them! However, seeing as I’ve recently subscribed to Friction Free Shaving I may not have the chance…

I’m actually holding a giveaway on my FFS blog post so make sure to go check it out!

C x

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