Budget Friendly Lipkits: Primark & Barry M

Having reviewed Makeup Revolution Lipkits before (not a fan!) and lip kits becoming a ‘thing’, I’ve decided to have a look at a couple of other brands to see if I like any of the others. Recently, both Primark and Barry M have released their own lip kits so I grabbed a few. I actually wanted a couple of colours from Primark but I could only find one, sadly! But I have two from Barry M too.Primark PS Get Lippy Matte Collection – Chocolate Brownie, £3IMG_0099


IMG_0103I wasn’t expecting much from this as it’s on the cheaper side of the price range but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It comes with a plastic encased lip liner, which isn’t too soft (unlike MUR…) and a regular doe-foot applicator. It wasn’t sticky or thick, it applied really easily (it’s a little patchy in the pictures but I think that was down to my application, rather than the formula) and I didn’t find it too drying on the lips. It also dried amazingly quickly, which again I can’t say for the MUR Retro Matte Lipkits! I love the colour too – I’ve been after a brown for ages and this is such a good cool-toned one for autumn. I would give this a 4/5, I’m not convinced it’ll last through eating.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit – Go To, £6.99Barry M Matte Me UP Matte Liquid Lip Kits Go To Swatch

Barry M Matte Me UP Matte Liquid Lip Kits Go To SwatchA little more expensive than the Primark lip kits but it’s not going to break the bank. These come with a wooden cased lip liner, that applies smoothly, and a regular doe-foot applicator for the liquid lipstick. THIS IS THE SILKIEST LIPSTICK EVER! I’m not kidding… I’ve never felt anything so smooth and beautiful on my lips. It applies incredibly well, and evenly, and dries to an amazing matte finish and when I rubbed my fingers across my lips nothing flaked or came away. I highly recommend giving these a go… I love this nude shade too, it’s not too peachy for me; a problem I often have with nude lipsticks because of my very pale, cool-toned skin.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit – So Chic, £6.99Barry M Matte Me UP Matte Liquid Lip Kits So Chic Swatch

Barry M Matte Me UP Matte Liquid Lip Kits So Chic SwatchThis one obviously comes the same as above and it has the same amazing formula. I’m loving this deep, rich, brown (which is slightly darker than the Primark one) and again, it feels lush on my lips. I’ll definitely be wearing this throughout autumn this year. I think this is now my favourite liquid lipstick… ever. And that’s saying something because I have at least 40!

So, although the Primark Lip Kit doesn’t have a bad formula I would recommend spending a little more and grabbing some of the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits. The formula is incredible and they have 5 shades in the kits and 5 stand alone liquid lipsticks, which I can only assume have the same formula. They’ve also added 5 Matte Metallic Lip Kits too!

If you’re a liquid lipstick fan, check out my swatches of ALL 30 shades from MUA!

C x

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