Collection Velvet Kisses

I’ve been picking up these Collection Velvet Kiss lip creams every time I’ve been popping into Boots. The good news is they are only £2.99 each (currently in the 3 for 2 offer!) and I now own all 6 shades. They have a doe-foot applicator and a creamy moisturising formula that isn’t drying at all on the lips. I think they’re meant to be a dupe for the NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte lip creams – which I’ve never worn but from swatching them in store they seem to be very similar but I can’t make an accurate comparison, unfortunately! IMG_0198


Collection Velvet Kiss Mango SwatchA lovely bright orange, perfect for summer.


Collection Velvet Kiss Rosie SwatchA classic red, great for all year round!


Collection Velvet Kiss Blackberry SwatchA lovely deep purple. I’ll be wearing this throughout autumn.


Collection Velvet Kiss Mulberry SwatchA great plum colour (sorry about the dry lips!)

Cotton Candy

Collection Velvet Kiss Cotton Candy SwatchA soft candy pink that might actually suit me for once!


Collection Velvet Kiss Caramel SwatchIf I want something on my lips during the day this is the nude I grab. it just feels so nice on my lips!

These are all so lovely to wear and they also have a slightly sweet smell to them which I love.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this weeks blog posts – I’ve uploaded every day so far!

C x

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