MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Swatches

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Full Collection: Swatches & Review


I’ve added the three newest shades to this post (marked * *)!

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers apply like a gloss, with a doe-foot applicator and great formula, but dry to a matte finish – with no smudging! Which is why I love them. I know I’ve swatched a load of the Velvet Lip Lacquers before but in the last 2 months they’ve released 6 more of them and I wanted to put all my swatches in one place. So, today I spent many hours, resulting in very sore lips, swatching the new shades (and re-swatching the old ones) to finally compile them all in one post! I haven’t included the older shades which are no longer sold on the MUA site (a couple are still available on Superdrug). Let me tell you, it’s taken a while to get this up! I’ll keep the descriptions short and brief as there are 30 colours to get through… Enjoy!

Colour Enhance

I didn’t swatch this on my lips because it’s essentially just white, that’s meant to be used under any colour to make it pop. Plus it didn’t look good on its own – it’s not meant to!

Potency/Potent (it has 2 different names?)

I still haven’t worn this, as I don’t think I can pull it off any time but Halloween! But this black applies pretty evenly.


A light cool-toned blue/turquoise-grey colour. Applies well, unlike some of the other lighter shades.


A very pale blue that doesn’t actually make me look terrible! Again, I’m not sure I can pull it off though, it’s very ‘out there’ for me.


A striking navy/dark teal blue that I think might get pulled out for fancy dress situations… The application was a little more difficult for this one.


A beautiful navy blue, which I prefer to Splash.


I’m a big fan of this super dark plum/purple. Great for winter!


A slightly lighter shade of plum, for the days you don’t want to look so vampy.


What a beautiful mauve this is!


This is a more blue-based lilac/purple from the collection and I’m not entirely sure if it suits my skin tone.


Another mauve but more nudet this time, perfect for a natural look.


A super light lilac colour… which does nothing for me! I think I’m just too pale. The application is good though, considering how light the shade is.

Sugar Coated

Okay, nope. Not for me at least! It’s just way too damn pale! Baby pink is a no go for me! Also, this one took a while to make it not patchy…


A simple, brown toned nude. (Sorry if this photo isn’t the same quality as the rest, I took it the day after as I missed this one out by accident, and I couldn’t get the lighting right!)


Love this biscuity nude! Great formula for this one too.


More of a peach-toned nude this time, but still gorgeous.


Even peachier, and slightly lighter in colour.


An actual peach shade, not so nude! Great summer colour.


This is a gorgeous bright burnt orange that I think I’ll be saving for autumn!


A vivid and bright, almost neon, pink-toned red. Love this one in the summer.


A true bright red, which I’ll be wearing to my Christmas meal with my friends next week!


Love this gorgeous deep, brick red. Great for autumn/winter!


It looks very similar to Firecracker but has more of a brown look to it when on the lips.


Stunning berry colour, great for autumn!


Yay, a brown! I much prefer brown lipsticks to nudes on me, simply because nudes are normally too peach-toned for my skin.


Another lovely mauve shade.


A slightly lighter berry shade, which is one I tend to wear the most. I just think it makes a great everyday colour.


A bright and fun fuchsia pink! Again, a great summer colour.


I can only describe this as Barbie pink! Which may be your thing, but it’s not for me!


This is soft coral-pink and a pink that I might actually be able to wear! It applies well for a light colour.


Phew, a million swatches and some very sore lips later and we’re done! If you’re wondering why I have all the colours but don’t like all of them… Well, I wanted to finish the collection and at £3 I thought I would give them a go. And like I said, there’s always fancy dress! You can still buy all of these shades on the MUA site and you can get them in Superdrug too.

C x




16 thoughts on “MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Full Collection: Swatches & Review

  1. Oh wow, although a lot of these colours are far too crazy for me to think about wearing on my lips, I love the effort you went too and appreciate a round up post. I may pick up a couple of these next time I’m out, the peachy/nude/browns look very nice.
    I’d love to see the complete collection swatched though, including the older colours. Maybe you could do an add on? 🙂 that’s if your lips can take it.
    Vicky x

    Liked by 2 people

    • Me too! I’m not sure when I’ll wear them. Haha.

      I don’t own the older ones and I’m not sure where I can get them now! There’s only a couple of them on Superdrug, which is a shame!



  2. Hey girl ! 😀
    I am just SO happy I stumbled onto your review.
    Those lippies are life. I must have around 22 or 23 myself, just because I have also gotten 3 of the latest 4 Spring shades they have released just weeks ago ! Got myself Elegance (OMG true mauve alert), Gravity and Sizzle. They’re great, smell good, apply awesome, are super opaque, and so longlasting… I’m so in love ! 😀
    It’s so cool to see another MUA-addict like me haha ! You should try their highlighters (Undress your skin powder highlighters) if you haven’t already. I have gotten all ten of them. Love them. Literally in love !

    Well, thanks for showing me these lippies again !

    PS. You should TOTALLY try the New Look Super Matte Lipsticks. They’ve redone the collection. It’s amazing. Soooooo longlasting and comfy OMG ! 😀

    Tissam ( 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What an amazing post, it’s so satisfying to see those gorgeous colours. There are a lot there that I just wouldn’t wear, but the deep reds/browns are def colours Im going to keep an eye out for.
    Vicky x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sooo happy to see swatches of the whole set! They’re really good too =D

    I bought one of these on a whim a few months ago and now I’m obsessed with liquid lipsticks. Can’t wait to finish my collection of these MUA Velvet Lip Laquers!


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