Born Pretty Store Review

Review: Born Pretty Store*

*this post contains affiliate links and products sent for review*

I’m back with another Born Pretty Store Review today, featuring some gels products, nail art stickers and a peel-off tape. I’m going to start with the Peel Off Gel Basecoat:

Peel Off Gel Basecoat : 10ml – £3.29 (41008)Born Pretty Store Peel Off Base CoatIMG_0867IMG_0866The application of this works the same as any other gels, just prep the nails as usual, apply the product and then cure. After which you can put the colour on top and continue on as normal until you’ve finished your mani. When it comes to peeling the polish off they actually pop off really easily. I just used an orange stick to get under one of the edges. I did, however, only have these on for a couple of days before my thumbnail popped off and then I sat and removed them all within seconds. It does make gel removal super quick though! And it means you can avoid damaging your nails by soaking them in acetone for extended periods of time. My nails felt a bit dry after peeling them off but nothing a bit of cuticle oil can’t fix.

Holographic Glitter Gel :10ml – £3.83 (40789 – #6)Born Pretty Store Holographic Crystal Glitter Gel #6Born Pretty Store Holographic Crystal Glitter Gel #6The holo in this is a little hard to capture because the glitters were so small but on the nails it does show up! This is a lovely copper polish perfect for fall. It applies like standard polish with no issues.

Rose Gold Nail Stickers: 1 sheet – 99p (41137)3D Rose Gold Nail Stickers3D Rose Gold Nail StickersI love anything rose gold at the moment and these are so dainty and pretty. I usually have issues of lifting when applying with regular polish but when applied between gels they work like a dream!

Here’s the mani I created with all these products plus a black gel I previously owned. As you can see, my nails are nubs right now so I could only really fit one of the stickers on my nail – I did choose one of the largest designs. IMG_0870IMG_0871IMG_0872

Peel Off Liquid Tape: 15ml – £2.29 (41020)IMG_0875IMG_0877IMG_0878This is the final product I received this month. It has a PVA-like consistency rather than latex which means you need a few coats to make it peelable. I didn’t actually manage to get it to peel nicely at all… and it’s also meant to smell ‘fruity’ but it didn’t smell of anything. I don’t recommend this and I’ll be sticking to my usual (sadly discontinued) peel off barrier from Cuticles. 

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2 thoughts on “Review: Born Pretty Store*

  1. I was searching for nail blogs to follow when I came across yours and realized I already follow you on IG! So happy to have found you here though for more in depth reviews and such 🙂 You did a fab review! I love BPS products.

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