Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor: After Party Swatches

Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor: After Party

Makeup Revolution have bought out a brand new line: Life on the Dancefloor. It consists of 4 x 24 shade palettes, each of which come in different glittery packaging of gold, silver, copper and black, costing £10. There’s also 3 corresponding lipsticks for each palette, at £3 each. I decided to pick up After Party, the silver glitter eyeshadow palette, in my last Superdrug haul. I didn’t get any of the lipsticks because I have enough already (…I totally have enough eyeshadow palettes too!).Instagram-6Instagram-7Instagram-8Instagram-9

Bottom to top: Celebrate, 3AM, Time To Go, Until Dawn, Up All Night, Breakfast In Bed, Blow Out, Gala, Last Call, Hang On, Last Dance, Intimate
Bottom to top: Coffee, Affair, Shindig, Club, Socialite, Break of Day, Black Cab, Meet Again, No Sleep, Walk Me Home, Fizz, Aurora

I bought this palette purely for all of the beautiful shimmer shades. I love all the gold hues, the olives/khakis and the burgundy shades! So basically all of them… The formula in these seems better than previous eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried from Makeup Revolution, with better colour pay-off and smoother formula. Even the matte shades have great pigmentation and the black is creamy instead of powdery. There’s less shades for the price compared to the £8 Ultra 32 Palettes (here’s an example) but the quality is higher and pans are larger (1.1g). For £10 I would say these Life on the Dancefloor palettes are definitely worth a try. Here’s the other 3, do any take your fancy!?

You can purchase these directly from Makeup Revolution at Tam Beauty, and some are available at Superdrug.

Once again, I’m hoping to get a makeup look with this palette up on my Instagram somewhere in the near future but currently, all I’m doing is going to uni and work. Neither of which I wear much makeup to! But fingers crossed I’ll actually leave the house for something other than that soon so make sure you follow me to stay updated.

C x

P.S. I used Swatch Perfect stencils for the swatches!

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5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor: After Party

  1. I think this might have been the one I was looking at today! Its stunning, I think I may purchase this one and the coppery/rose gold one.

    Lovely post! xox.

    Liked by 1 person

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