Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Swatch

Makeup Revolution: Beyond Flawless

As I said in my last post this is the most recent Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette that I’ve picked up from Makeup Revolution. I have all but 2 of this range and I think that for £8 you get 32 decent quality eyeshadows! 


Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Swatch
Top: Flawless, Light Caramel, Papaya, Bare Pink, Sand Dune, Mineral, Expresso, Warm Grey. Bottom: Dove, Chestnut, Zorbe, Pug, Brunette, Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Stone Grey.
Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Swatch
Top: Sandstone, Bronze, Autumn, Spice, Wholemeal, Sepia, Muddy, Nightfall. Bottom: Tawny, Ground Brown, Toasty, Immaculate, Teddy, Cocoa, Bistre, Blackset.

This palette has a range of subtle to full shimmer finishes in neutral shades on the full light to dark spectrum. I like that these ones are some form of colour order, unlike the others, it satisfies me! The formulas are good on these ones and they don’t have much fallout. If you like your neutrals I would recommend this one.

Once again, this available from Tam Beauty and Superdrug. Don’t forget to check out my other Makeup Revolution posts from this week!

C x

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Beyond Flawless

  1. It definitely looks great for those who want’s a neutral palette 😀 They do have several palettes that I have my eyes on. But the thing is I don’t wear that much shadow, so I know I’ll just be having palettes laying in my drawer hahaha 😀

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