2017: A Year In Review

Here I am on Christmas Eve writing my last blog post of 2017, which happens to be my 280th post overall, and reflecting on this small part of my life. I feel like Tipped Off Nails has come so far since I started back in 2014 and it’s particularly grown this year. My views have hit 40K+, an increase of 1065% (!) since my first year, and I now have 250+ followers on here. My monthly views are now almost as high as my first full year of blogging! 2017 has not been an easy year for me, as some of you may know, so it’s good to see improvements here on my little blogging project.Read More »

Blogmas Day 21: Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlighter Palette

The only things I owned before now from Sleek were lip products and one eyeshadow palette. I’d seen people talking about the new highlighter palette, Distorted Dreams, and I really wanted to try it out for myself. It has 5 super-light luminescent shades, 3 creams and 2 powders, that would totally work for my pale skin (mostly)! Finding highlighters light enough to actually work as highlighters on me is always a struggle so to a find a palette where 80% of the shades would work for me is a dream! It was worth paying the £10.99 for it! I also think it would work really well on deeper skin tones too though. You can buy this at sleekmakeup.com, Superdrug and BootsRead More »

Blogmas Day 20: Makeup Revolution Chocolate Orange Palette

After picking up the I Heart Makeup Mint Chocolate palette back in November how could I resist getting the newly release Chocolate Orange palette to go with it? After all, they are 2 of my favourite flavours. It is available now for  £8.99 on the TAMbeauty.com, as well as Superdrug, online and in stores! It has 16 shades, with a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows, all with a warm feel to them. Read More »

Blogmas Day 19: Makeup Revolution Bold As Brass Palette

Okay, so this palette sadly isn’t available anymore, as it was part of a free gift offer at Superdrug a couple of weeks ago! However, it’s so pretty that I thought I would share it with you anyway. It is made up of 4 highlighters, 2 baked and 2 pressed, and 8 eyeshadows so would be good for travelling with if you’re limited on luggage space.
Read More »

Blogmas Day 18: Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette

As I said back in my last review of a Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette, I only had 2 palettes to go before I owned this entire range! Well, now I only have 1 left, Eyes Like Angels, because I picked up the Affirmation palette a few weeks ago in the 3 for 2 at Superdrug.com. It is also available at TAMbeauty.com and costs just £8! Read More »