Floss Gloss Black Friday Haul

Blogmas Day 6: Floss Gloss Black Friday Haul

Welcome to day 7 of Blogmas! Today I’m sharing the Floss Gloss polishes I picked up from nailpolishdirect.co.uk during the Black Friday sales. I definitely wouldn’t pay full price (£9.95) for these as they’re only 5.5 ml but when they’re almost a third of the usual price – how can you resist!? I ended up buying far too many… I’m also adding 2 of my previously own polishes from Floss Gloss because I want to see them all together. I’ll jump straight into it because I have 15 to show you!

Floss GlossMoon BabyInstagram-2This is described on the website as a ‘deadened blue-grey’ but I see it as a very pale mint green! 3 coats

WetFloss Gloss Wet SwatchThis is one of the colours I had before my haul but it’s a gorgeous, vibrant turquoise. 3 coats.

FadedInstagram-4A charcoal grey that has a blue/green tint to it! 2 coats. 

95% AngelFloss Gloss 95% Angel SwatchThis is a beautiful baby blue that has an almost periwinkle tone to it. 3 coats.

LavishFloss Gloss Lavish SwatchA gorgeous light lavender/lilac shade. 3 coats.

Mauve WivesFloss Gloss Mauve Wives SwatchAs the name suggests, this is a mauve! 2 coats.

Smoke on the NailFloss Gloss Smoke on the Nail SwatchI absolutely love this deep plum colour! It’s one of my favourite shades to wear in autumn and winter. 2 coats.

PicnicInstagram-9A lovely cranberry red – another perfect colour for this time of year! 2 coats.

Gangsta BooFloss Gloss Gangsta Boo SwatchA stunning bright red – great for those Santa nails! 2 coats.

TanlinesFloss Gloss Tanlines SwatchA lovely creamy tan-colour. It kind of reminds me of gingerbread men! 2 coats.

DimepieceFloss Gloss Dimepiece SwatchInstagram-13This is the second colour I had before – a stunning silver glitter, with some holo! 3 coats.


Floss Gloss Crystalina SwatchInstagram-15This cream glitter will make a perfect topper and it has some shifty glitters in it too! 3 coats.

StunInstagram-16Floss Gloss Stun SwatchThis is a beautiful sparkling gold! 3 coats.

HoneyFloss Gloss Honey SwatchInstagram-19
A super sparkly bronze glitter! 3 coats.

Keys to the MansionFloss Gloss Keys to the Mansion SwatchInstagram-21A copper glitter – and one of my favourites! 3 coats.

I love every single one of these colours, even though the forumlas are a little thin on some of them!

I hope you’re enjoying blogmas so far!

C x

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7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: Floss Gloss Black Friday Haul

  1. I’ve always wanted to try floss gloss- mainly because I want the bottles as they would look great on my shelves! And I get what you mean about the price for such small bottles so I will wait until a sale too xx

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