Blogmas Day 7: Primark Festive Metals

A little while ago I went shopping with my Grandma (something we used to do every year for my birthday!) and I picked up 2, seemingly new, polishes from Primark. They are part of the Metals range, coming in 4 shades, with shiny gold lids and cost just £1.50 each. I decided not to buy the gold or silver, as I have too many of these already and went for the other 2 shades. Unfortunately, they don’t have names, so I’m going to try and be creative and name them something festive!

Prmark PS Metals Nail Polish swatches

Mulled WinePrmark PS Metals Nail Polish swatchesInstagram-22Instagram-23A gorgeous, sparkly deep red which is perfect for the Christmas season! Can I see teeny, tiny flecks of holo in there!? 2 coats for full opacity.

Plum PuddingPrmark PS Metals Nail Polish swatchesInstagram-25Instagram-26Another lovely colour that’s great for this time of year, is this deep plum-purple. I’m convinced there’s holo in these – what do you think?! Another 2 coater.

I have one complaint about these polishes but it is a big one – they absolutely STINK! If anyone used to buy Primark polishes when they first started coming out then you’ll know the cheap, chemically smell that I’m talking about here. I thought Primark was done with this formula!? I’ve been buying polishes from them consistently throughout this year and none of the new ones smell (well they do, but like normal polish) so I’m really disappointed. However, I think I’ve worked it out… by sniffing my Primark polishes (oops). I’ve come to the conclusion that any polishes made in Turkey are safe but the ones made in China smell so bad – they actually give me a headache. Saying that I’ll be keeping these because the colours are lovely and other than the smell the formula is actually pretty good… maybe I’ll just wear a peg on my nose!

I have some more (non-smelly) Primark polishes coming this week, from the regular PS… range. Make sure you follow me to keep up to date!

C x

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