Primark Nail Polish Haul

Blogmas Day 9: Primark Haul Part Two

Today is part two of my Primark Haul, continuing on from yesterday’s post! As before, these are all 2 coaters, unless stated otherwise, and cost just 90p each!

Primark Nail Polish Haul

BruleePrimark Nail Polish Brûlée swatchPrimark Nail Polish Brûlée swatchA warm, chocolate brown.

SassPrimark Nail Polish Sass swatchPrimark Nail Polish Sass swatchThis is a lovely soft mauve, with a subtle blue shimmer.

Perfect PinkPrimark Nail Polish Perfect Pink swatchPrimark Nail Polish Perfect Pink swatchThis is a lovely soft, baby pink. It’s a bit on the thinner side and needed 3 coats.

MarshmallowPrimark Nail Polish Marshmallow SwatchPrimark Nail Polish Marshmallow SwatchA standard white polish. This probably could have done with a third coat but it still has a better formula than Optic that I had before!

Shark Attack

Primark Nail Polish Shark Attack SwatchPrimark Nail Polish Shark Attack SwatchThis is a light greige with a green tint to it!

Primark Nail Polish Dolce SwatchPrimark Nail Polish Dolce Swatch
A purple-toned light grey!

Lavender BlushPrimark Nail Polish Lavender Blush SwatchPrimark Nail Polish Lavender Blush SwatchA dark greige with a purple undertone.

Black MagicPrimark Nail Polish Black Magic SwatchPrimark Nail Polish Black Magic SwatchFinishing off with a classic black!

I’m always so impressed with the quality of these. I have so many colours from the PS nail polish range now and they’re so affordable! If I were you, I’d give them a go if you haven’t already!

C x

6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 9: Primark Haul Part Two

  1. Loving the white – looks decent too. My go to white has always been OPI’s Alpine Snow! 😀

    Donno about down your way, but it has been freezing up here in Scotland. Today was really bad 😐

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