Blogmas Day 12: Danglefoot Dino-mite Collection

Danglefoot Nail polish is a handmade, 5-free, UK indie brand. I had yet to try this brand (it was on my list) so I was super excited to see that Hayley was releasing a dinosaur themed collection as I’m a palaeontologist myself! Unfortunately, I missed out on half the collection because I was at work when it went live in the store and it sold out so quickly! I’m hoping to get the rest of the polishes in the re-stock after Christmas but for now, I have 3 of the collection to share with you!

Danglefoot Dino-mite Collection

Rawr-someDanglefoot Dino-mite Collection: Rawr-some swatchInstagram-10Instagram-2A gorgeous burnt orange linear holo. 2 coats shown.

Oh PlesiosaurDanglefoot Dino-mite Collection: Oh Plesiosaur swatchInstagram-7Instagram-8This is a black linear holo with some blue flakies. 2 coats shown.

Paleon-holo-gistDanglefoot Dino-mite Collection: Paleon-holo-gist swatchDanglefoot Dino-mite Collection: Paleo-holo-gist swatchDanglefoot Dino-mite Collection: Paleo-holo-gist swatchMy favourite name of them all – a deep navy linear holo. 2 coats shown.

These are my first Danglies but I’m very impressed. The formula is great, they apply really well and dry quickly without any shrinkage. They’re a little pricier than I’d usually spend on an indie polish, at £7.35 each (for 12ml) but this collection was totally worth it!

What do you think of my Blogmas so far!? I didn’t want to make all my posts Christmas-sy and it’s mostly just little hauls!

C x


6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12: Danglefoot Dino-mite Collection

  1. Rawr-some is just gorgeous, you could wear that all fall long! But Paleon-holo-gist really steals the show – darker holos always look like they have so much more going on than just holo. It’s so deep and rich!

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