Blogmas Day 14: Sleek Lip VIP Full Collection

Back in April 2016 I shared my first swatches of the 6 new Sleek Lip VIP lipsticks, and then in June 2016 I shared 3 more and I swatched a further 6 in October the same year. There are now 24 shades in total, including Dream Decade which I don’t own, plus 2 from the Rockstar Collection. I thought I’d compile a quick swatch post of all the 26 shades that I won so they’re all in one place! There are only 21 still available on the Sleek site though! You can also buy them at Boots and Superdrug too. Prices (ATOW) start at £3.99 but they’re usually £5.49 and often on offer. I’ll start with the standard Lip VIPs first.Sleek Makeup Lip VIP lipsticks full collection swatchesInstagram-12Sleek Lip VIP Lipstick full collection swactches: reserved, private booth, backstage, show off, hot hottie, guest list, fancy pants, flaunt itSleek Lip VIP lipstick full collection swatches: night spot, wall of fame, big shot, attitude, catwalk, censored, couture, premiereSleek Lip VIP full collections swatches: Buzz, Hype, Ready to rock, name in lights, steal the limelight, icon, elite, paparazzi

  • 1001 – Reserved: a bubblegum pink
  • 1002 – Private Booth: a brown nude
  • 1003 – Backstage: a bold orange toned pink
  • 1004 – Show Off: a deep, cool-toned brown
  • 1005 – Hot Tottie: a bright hot pink
  • 1006 – Guest List: a bold coral
  • 1007 – Fancy pants: a peachy orange
  • 1008 – Flaunt It: a vivid orange
  • 1009 – Night Spot: a pink toned red
  • 1010 – Wall of Fame: a true, blood red
  • 1011 – Big Shot: a creamy lilac
  • 1012 – Attitude: a deep, plum purple
  • 1013 – Catwalk: a mauve nude
  • 1014 – Censored: a fuschia pink
  • 1015 – Couture: a deep brick red-brown
  • 1016 – Premiere: a mauve pink
  • 1017 – Buzz: a peachy nude
  • 1018 – Hype: a bright magenta
  • 1021 – Ready to Rock: a purple-toned nude
  • 1022 – Name in Lights: a deep fuschia
  • 1023 – Steal the Limelight: a bubblegum pink
  • 1031 – Icon: a dusty pink
  • 1032 – Elite: a deep aubergine
  • 1033 – Paparazzi: a deep oxblood red

These lipsticks all have a beautiful, creamy, long-lasting, semi-matte finish. They’re packed with Vitamin e, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to help moisturize your lips and stop them drying out during wear. They also have a subtle sweet scent to them, which is not overpowering or sickly in the slightest. I’m hoping that as 1024 – 1030 are missing that there are going to be some more releases!

The 2 LE lipsticks from the Rockstar Collection have the same semi-matte finish but they have a slight duochrome finish to them. They also have a geometric shape to the lipstick itself, although the outer packing is much the same as the standard line but with holo! They also come in individual boxes. These can be purchased from Amazon for just £2.50!

InstagramInstagram-3Instagram-4Sleek Lip VIP Rockstar lipsticks

  • 1019 – Scandalous: a deep red with a pink shimmer
  • 1020 – Superstar: a deep purple, also with a pink shimmer

These lipsticks are some of my favourites and I hope it’s useful to see all the swatches in one place!

Thanks for sticking with me through blogmas! There are still 10 days left…

C x

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