Testing Beauty UK

Blogmas Day 15: testing Beauty UK

Beauty UK is an independent UK beauty brand, that has been around ever since I can remember. I’ve noticed that the products I’ve tried today are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly (not stated on the nail polish, but I’ve sent an enquiry to check!), which is amazing. My first ever dark lipstick was a Beauty UK one, and I loved it. This was YEARS ago now but they do in fact still sell Plumalicious! Since then, I haven’t bought a single product from this brand so when I saw they were having a 50% off sale during Black Friday I thought I would give some different products to try. They’re super affordable as it is – although I do remember paying £1 for that first lipstick in Superdrug and it now costs £3.49. Inflation for you… I’m going to list them all at full price, but I only paid half! Oh… they’re having a 40% off Christmas Sale right now if you’re interested! 

Firstly, I wanted to try the nail polish to see what it’s like. I went for black and white because they’re the easiest to compare and test the formulas for, I feel.  These are just £2.99 each for 9ml. Both of these are quick drying, high gloss and long wearing. I haven’t tested the latter but they definitely live up to the first 2!

White OutBeauty UK White OutThis white is perfectly smooth in just 2 coats (the little patches on my nails are just ridges!). This will definitely make a great base for nail art.

Black OutInstagramThis black is amazingly shiny! This is also perfect in 2 coats.

Next up I have some eye products… I picked up the Glitter Eyeliner is both the silver and gold available. They’re just £2.99 each (9g) and are the perfect addition to a festive Christmas look.

These come with small brush applicators and the product itself is essentially lots of glitter in a gel base – which was exactly what I was expecting. The gel does take a little while to dry down but I did layer it. Just be careful opening your eyes if it’s not fully dry – you’ll end up stamping it!

I also picked up a black waterproof HD Duo Felt Tip Eyeliner. This comes with, as the name suggest, 2 sides to it – one thicker pen and one ‘brush’ pen and costs £4.99.

I found the black wasn’t as opaque as other brands I own. Although there is some bleeding on my hand, there was none when I tested it on my eye!

My final ‘eye’ product (and possibly my favourite find for months) is the High Definition Eyebrow Liner. I picked up the shade Ash Brown, it’s offered in 2 darker colours too, and it costs £4.99.

The image shows my filled in brows on the bottom (clearly!). This pen makes defining and filling in my eyebrows on a daily basis so quick and easy. It has a flexible, soft-bristled brush that is perfect for adding tiny hair-like strokes (or just filling in like I do when I’m in a rush). It doesn’t come out thick, it’s much like ink from a colouring pen, and it dries really quickly. I’ve also found it doesn’t budge or smudge throughout the day. The colour is perfect, too. I find a lot of blonde or light eyebrow products are far too warm toned for me, but not this time!

On to my final 2 products now and it’s the Lips Matter matte lip creams. I picked up the shades Bond, Mrs Bond and Shake Your Plum, at £3.99 (8g).

These have a very similar formula to the Collection Velvet Kiss moisturising lip creams – they have a matte finish without completely drying down and leaving your lips feeling as dry as the Sahara desert. They will transfer though because they don’t completely dry. They also have a very, very sweet smell to them, which I know some people won’t like. Overall, though, I really like these, especially Bond Mrs Bond (the red).

I haven’t really done a ‘brand testing’ post before but I’ve quite enjoyed it and it turns out I quite like Beauty UK! Do you have any other brands you’d like me to try out!?

C x

P.S. I hope you’re enjoying my Blogmas so far – there are only 9 days left now which means 10 sleeps until Christmas!


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