Blogmas Day 17: SensatioNail Peel Off Polish Review*

*these items were sent to me to review – all opinions are my own*

SensatioNail contacted me recently and asked if I’d like to try out their new line of Peel Off Polishes released back in May this year. There are currently 9 shades in the range, of which I received 4, and they’re all 5-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and have a non-toxic, organic, solvent-free formula! Overall, very good for your nails! No base coat or top coat is required for the application of these, you just apply to buffed nails and peel them off your nail when you’re ready for a change! The website states it should last for 1-2 days but that obviously depends on what you’re doing! However, you can use them with a gel base coat and top coat to the give a ‘longer lasting manicure’ or just gel top coat to create a peel-off gel!Sensationail peel off polish review

You Had Me At MerlotSensationail peel off polish You Had Me At MerlotInstagram-22On the website, it says that you need just one thin coat but I did 2 just to make sure! I find dark polishes can sometimes be tricky and this dark burgundy was no exception.


Sensationail Peel Off Polish Winosaur SwatchInstagram-25This one is a gorgeous deep brick red and is 2 coats, again.

Plum-p It UpInstagram-26Sensationail Peel Off Plum-p It Up SwatchA lovely creamy plum/mauve colour. This one could be applied in just 1 coat but I did 2… just in case!

Stop Metalling In My BusinessSensationail peel off polish Stop Metalling in my business swatchInstagram-29The last polish I tried is a gold glitter. This actually feels really smooth even without topcoat. 2 coats shown.

The application of these is really simple, and they dry very quickly to a lovely glossy finish. You just need to be neat because the clean up isn’t as easy as normal polish! Other than though, I really like them. They peel off really easily (see below). If they’re completely dry they’ll literally just pop straight off when prompted! My nails aren’t very hydrated right now (I’m not giving them the TLC they deserve) so my nails needed oiling after peeling off because they looked dry! I also did have a bit of an issue with a brush being a bit fat but it didn’t make much difference when applying the nail (see below also).

I also wanted to test them with a topcoat over just to see if they go a bit weird. Becca from acertainbecca on Instagram tried them over a peel-off base coat and they cracked! However, without using a basecoat, I tested several different topcoats and none of them went weird so you can use one if you want added protection or a slightly different finish. They peel off the same!

Top coats from left to right: Little Ondine peel off, Barry M, Barry M Matte and a gel topcoat

At £6 each for 14.8ml I think that’s a really good price, especially since you can use them with gels to create a manicure that lasts or just if you know you’re going to need to remove your polish easily without the hassle of acetone. What do you think??

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C x


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