Blogmas Day 19: Makeup Revolution Bold As Brass Palette

Okay, so this palette sadly isn’t available anymore, as it was part of a free gift offer at Superdrug a couple of weeks ago! However, it’s so pretty that I thought I would share it with you anyway. It is made up of 4 highlighters, 2 baked and 2 pressed, and 8 eyeshadows so would be good for travelling with if you’re limited on luggage space.


None of these shades have names unfortunately so I’ll just have to describe them to you as I go along. The highlighting colours have a good mix of light and dark for all skin tones. Regrettably, this does mean that I can only get away with wearing the lightest shade – the pale golden cream. They all have really good formulas though and I’ll probably wear the other three as eyeshadows anyway. The eyeshadows are also lovely. I absolutely love the rose gold and gold shimmers and the 3 cranberry colours are perfect for Christmas season.The matte brown will make a good crease shade, and of course, you can use the highlighters as you inner corner highlight! I’m not a huge fan of having 2 black shades though when there’s a very limited number of pans – they could have chosen such a pretty other colour to compliment the rest!

Overall, the formulas and pigmentation of these shades are pretty good, seeing as it was a free gift! There is little fallout and they blend well. They’re just not as soft and creamy as other MUR  products!

I’m sorry if you really like this palette, as you can’t get anymore but make sure you check out the rest of my blogmas! My posts include lots of products still available…

C x

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