Blogmas Day 21: Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlighter Palette

The only things I owned before now from Sleek were lip products and one eyeshadow palette. I’d seen people talking about the new highlighter palette, Distorted Dreams, and I really wanted to try it out for myself. It has 5 super-light luminescent shades, 3 creams and 2 powders, that would totally work for my pale skin (mostly)! Finding highlighters light enough to actually work as highlighters on me is always a struggle so to a find a palette where 80% of the shades would work for me is a dream! It was worth paying the £10.99 for it! I also think it would work really well on deeper skin tones too though. You can buy this at, Superdrug and BootsSleek Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette Swatches & ReviewSleek Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette Swatches & ReviewSleek Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette Swatches & ReviewInstagram-14

The first pearlescent shade is a cream, the gold a powder, the blue is a cream, the pink is a powder and the last shade, the green, is also a cream. I actually love all these shades, including the blue and the green. The gold is the only one that doesn’t work for me as it’s too dark for a highlight on my pale skin.

Sleek states that with “reflective, holographic pigments, this radiant palette can be used to illuminate your eyelids, cheeks AND lips for an almost supernatural glow”. I haven’t tried these gorgeous highlighters anywhere else but my cheeks just yet but for that purpose, they work very well. I can see them working on the eyes and lips just as good. Both the creams and the powders can be applied subtly, for a dewy look, or built up for a much glow-ier effect. The creams aren’t sticky and they don’t take off your base on application – at least for me, they didn’t. I also found that layering a powder over a cream can give different effects, so it’s quite versatile really!

Overall, I think this is definitely worth the money. I know £10.99 may no be much to some people but when you’re on a budget that’s quite a bit for one item! My only qualm with this palette is that the silver mirrored packaging (although very pretty) gets grubby so so quickly! Then it doesn’t look so pretty anymore!

I’ve almost completed blogmas! My last official blogmas post is tomorrow and it’s a review of the Essie Advent Calendar so make sure you look out for that one! I’ll also have one last post on Christmas Day, which will be a Year in Review.

C x

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