Blogmas Day 23: December Mani & Lola subscription box

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! And today I’m sharing Mani & Lola with you, a brand new UK monthly nail subscription box! Unlike Meebox (who I have reviewed many of times (here)!), this box focuses on nail care, including polishes, rather than nail art. So, if you like the idea of surprise nail items turning up every month but don’t care for nail art then this is the box for you! Prices start at £14 (+P&P) for 12 months up front or you can do a monthly rolling subscription for £20 a month (+P&P) meaning you can cancel at any time. I use the latter! This is actually their second month, I sadly missed out on their first (I would love to get my hands on it!), and I am not disappointed by these Holiday Glam goodies! The total RRP of this box is a whopping £65.74! Let’s take a look at the contents…



Mani & Lola December box reviewMani & Lola December box reviewMani & Lola December box reviewBefore we get in to the products, I just want to touch on the packaging. Frist of all, it comes in this outer cardboard box (which is cute in itself)and then you open it up to find this simple but stunning box-drawer! I am totally going to re-use this as it’s very sturdy and just looks great. Mani & Lola December box reviewThe first 3 items in the box are nail care, which includes this Mani & Lola Buffer (£3.95).
Instagram-5I actually do use these, so it’s handy for me but I know some people won’t want or need this!

Next up we have a Tweexy – a wearable nail polish holder (12.99)! Mani & Lola December box reviewMani & Lola December box reviewInstagram-8I’ve owned one of these before and I didn’t actually get much use out of it but if you’re someone that tends to paint their nails on the go (or in bed/on the sofa) then this would be very handy! It does a great job at securing your polish bottles.

The final nail care item is the Essie Call It Even topcoat (£12.95)Instagram-9Mani & Lola December box reviewYou can never have too many topcoats! I get through so much so it’s always great to have backups (and backups of backups). This one is new to me but it’s meant to be good for smoothing out glitter and nail art so I can’t wait to try it out.

Now we move on to the nail polishes! There are 4 in total – amazing.

Essie – Designated DJ (£10.95)Mani & Lola December box reviewThis gorgeous deep, rich plum is perfect for winter! 2 coats.

Cuccio – Red Lights In Amsterdam (£6.95)Mani & Lola December box reviewA vivid fuschia with a touch of shimmer! This isn’t my favourite polish, I’m not sure I even like it all, but I’m not a massive fan of bright pinks or shimmers… 2 coats.

Morgan Taylor – Who Nose Rudolph (£11.00)Mani & Lola December box review classic bright red that is Christmas all over! 2 coats.

China Glaze – Big Hair & Bubbly (£6.95)Mani & Lola December box reviewAnother great Christmas polish – you can’t go wrong with gold glitter this time of year. 2-3 coats.

I think this box is great if you’re looking to start or expand your nail polish collection, as it has a good range of brands – you can see more of the brands they’re working with on their online shop. I tend to end up buying the same 2 or 3 so this is a great way for me to branch out more without having to spend a fortune! I mean, this whole box cost the price of around 2 polishes and I got 7 products – 5 of which were full sized polishes. If you’re interested in subscribing to Mani & Lola then you need to sign up by the 10th and you’ll receive the box on (or around) the 15th of the month.

C x

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