Blogmas Day 24: 2017 Essie Advent Calendar Overview

It’s Christmas Eve and time for advent to end. I’ve been sharing the contents of the Essie Advent Calendar over on my Instagram stories every day during advent, but I thought I would do a more detailed review of it here! Obviously, this is no longer in stock, but I picked this up for £40 (RRP £50) in Superdrug, and annoyingly it was on sale for something ridiculous like £5 a couple of days ago! The price point is incredible regardless because, as you’ll see, you receive 7 full-size polishes including one fo the new Gel Couture shades, 13 minis and 4 nail care items. The full-size polishes alone come to a total of £60.89, so you’re definitely getting your monies worth! I’m going to keep this post relatively brief from now on as I have 24 items to get through…

The candles featured in these photos are from the Wilko Candle Advent Calendar which was just £8, and I much preferred it to the Yankee Candle one I had last year – I hope they do one next Christmas too!


Essie Advent CalendarInstagram-84I love the packaging – simple but effective! Now let’s go through each day! Full-size bottles are 14ml and minis 4.5ml.

Day 1: Fishnet Stockings

Essie Advent Calendar Fishnet StockingsInstagram-77Gorgeous deep red – 2 coats.

Day 2: Cocktail BlingEssie Advent Calendar Cocktail BlingInstagram-79Light blue-grey – 2 coats.

Day 3: In The Mood RingEssie Advent Calendar IN The Mood RingInstagram-80Black and gold glitter – 3 coats.

Day 4: mini glass nail fileEssie Advent Calendar mini glass nail fileInstagram-86Perfect for chucking in your bag!

Day 5: Good As Gone nail polish remover (25ml)Essie Advent Calendar good as goneInstagram-88Great for travelling in and the bottle can be refilled!

Day 6: LicoriceEssie Advent Calendar LicoriceInstagram-12A one-coater black!

Day 7: Mink MuffsEssie Advent Calendar good as goneInstagram-2Soft nude-brown – 2 coats.

Day 8: Tart DecoEssie Advent Calendar Tart DecoInstagram-6Vivid peachy orange – 2 coats.

Day 9: All In OneEssie Advent Calendar All IN OneInstagram-4Strengthening basecoat.

Day 10: toe separatorsEssie Advent Calendar toe separatorsInstagram-8Maybe useful for some, but probably not going to use these myself!

Day 11: LuxedoEssie Advent Calendar LuxedoInstagram-10Almost-black dark purple – 2 coats.

Day 12: Colour CorrectorInstagram-3Instagram-4Yellow-neutraliser priming basecoat.

Day 13: nail bufferEssie Advent Calendar bufferInstagram-2Handy size and something I actually use!

Day 14: DelicacyInstagram-5Instagram-6Sheer nude/pink, great for french manicures – 2 coats.

Day 15: FijiEssie Advent Calendar FijiInstagram-8Very pale, baby pink – 3 coats (not the best formula).

Day 16: Glow Your Own WayEssie Advent Calendar Glow Your Own WayInstagram-10White and gold glitter – 3 coats.

Day 17: Fifth AvenueEssie Advent Calendar Fifth AvenueInstagram-12Vibrant, bright red – 2 coats.

Day 18: Bobbing For BaublesEssie Advent Calendar Bobbing For BaublesInstagram-14Almost-black dark navy – 2 coats.

Day 19: Sil Vous Play HeroEssie Advent Calendar Sil Vous PLay HeroInstagram-16Soft pink shimmery foil – 2 coats.

Day 20: apricot nail oilEssie Advent Calendar apricot oilInstagram-18Hydrating, smells incredible and great for popping in your bag.

Day 21: Disco DollEssie Advent Calendar Disco dollInstagram-30Lilac/pink glitter – 3 coats.

Day 22: Gel SetterEssie Advent Calendar Gel SetterInstagram-32Gel-finish topcoat.

Day 23: Gel Couture TopcoatEssie Advent Calendar Gel Couture TopcoatInstagram-34Quick-drying and ultra glossy.

Day 24: Rock The RunwayEssie Advent Calendar Rock The RunwayInstagram-36Classic red from the Gel Couture range (luxurious and instant gel-like shine) – 2 coats.


Overall, I love this calendar. As I said before, it is great value for money, and I think the balance between minis, full-sized and nail care products is great. There are only maybe one or two polishes that aren’t my cup of tea! This is amazing and is a much better outcome than the Ciate Mini Mani Month I had in 2014 ( I did not realise it was that long ago…).  Personally, my only issue is that the reds are too similar and I feel it could have done with a forest green or something. Other than that I am thoroughly impressed. I only owned 2 Essie polishes before and now my collection has expanded rather quickly! Maybe I’ll get this next year too but wait for the sale…

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my first every Blogmas! I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to get a blog post up every single day for the whole of December so far! Especially with everything else going on this month! I could never be a daily blogger… If you’ve missed any posts just catch up here!

I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas!

C x

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