Polished by leanne Sweet Treats Collection

Polished by Leanne – Sweet Treats Collection

Hello! I’ve been gone for so long… I’ve been focusing on my thesis for my master’s degree. It’s submitted and I’ve finally completed the course so I’m back with my first post. This won’t be the start of my regular posting, that’ll begin next week… but I’m back for now with the Sweet Treats Collection that Leanne from Polished by Leanne kindly sent to me to swatch & review. This beautiful matte trio is being released tomorrow(!) and you should head to Polished by Leanne Facebook Group to join the launch event at 7pm. Let’s take a look at them shall we?Polished By Leanne Sweet Treats Collection

Vanilla FrostingPolished by Leanne - Vanilla Frosting swatchInstagram-3Instagram-4This is a lovely soft, creamy pastel yellow. It reminds me of white chocolate. 3 coats.

Salted CaramelPolished by Leanne - Salted Caramel swatchInstagram-5Instagram-8I absolutely love this golden orange. I mean just look at the macro. It looks great matte too. 2 coats.

Chocolate FonduePolished by leanne - Chocolate Fondue swatchInstagram-6Instagram-10A gorgeous chocolate brown with raspberry flakies! I found the flakies a little hard to capture when it was matte but they just pop when you add topcoat! 2 coats.

This little matte trio go so well together! The formula is good too! I did have a bit of an issue applying Vanilla Frosting but I find you often have to work a bit harder to get pale, creamy shades to apply well.

As I said, these are being released tomorrow so head to the Facebook Group for the launch event!

C x

4 thoughts on “Polished by Leanne – Sweet Treats Collection

  1. First of all congratulations on your Masters. 🙂 These polishes are so pretty. All the three shades are absolutely beautiful. But I like the glossy look to the matte one. 🙂

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