Barry M: Candy Culture Scented Nail Paints

I’m finally getting around to sharing the new Barry M scented nail paints with you! I’ve had these sat on my swatch pile since about a week after they were released. Each of the colours has a different scent, which comes through when dry, and they all have a soft/semi-matte finish to them, which I really like. Of course, you can add topcoat to make them glossy, I’m not sure if this will dull the scent though! All 4 shades are going to perfect going into Spring.Read More »

The hunt for the palest high-street concealer!?

I have quite the blog post for you today! As you may (or may not) know, I am incredibly pale… and for years I’ve been searching for the palest affordable concealer that’s available in high-street stores, such as Boots, Superdrug, etc. Spoiler alert… I haven’t found it. I’ve tested 8 shades from 6 different brands and I still can’t say – “Yes! I’ve found the perfect concealer for me!”… The ratings given below are obviously based on my personal opinions and experiences with regards to my skin. Read More »

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels swatches

Makeup Revolution: Eyes Like Angels – Swatches & Review

The Eyes Like Angels palette is the final one I needed to complete my collection of the Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow palettes! I didn’t think I would ever purchase this one because the colours are so bright and vibrant but now that I own it, I have no regrets! Read More »

Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Palette: Iconic Division

Just a quick post tonight! Recently, Makeup Revolution released 4 Reloaded palettes. They’re made up of 15 (1.1g) pans for just £4! They’re super affordable and the quality is actually pretty decent for the price. I only picked up one, Iconic Division, which is made up of warm neutrals and greens. It has a very earthy feel to it! It’s supposedly a dupe for the ABH Subculture Palette too…  Read More »

Kiki London: Gel Polish Review*


A little while ago, actually before Christmas, Kiki London kindly sent me some gel polishes to review. I’ve only now started blogging again, so I thought I’d finally share them with you. I’d never actually heard of the brand before they contacted me but I checked out their website, and I was impressed. I love discovering new UK companies… god knows why they spell colour without the ‘u’ though! The polishes are easy to apply and last up to 3 weeks – this I haven’t tried because I’ve got a busy swatching schedule. They cost £8.99 each for 7.3ml.

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