SensatioNail glitter gel review

SensatioNail: Glitter Gel Review*

I’ve got some more gels for you today! This time it’s 4 gorgeous Glitter Gels from SensatioNail. These were released in January so they’re available to purchase. They cost £12.50 each for 7.39ml. The description on the website claims: “The SensatioNail™ gel nail polish comes in many stunning, up-to-the-minute colours that are quick and easy to apply, dry in just 60 seconds and last for up to two weeks without any wear and tear.” I can say that they do dry in that time but I haven’t had a chance to test the longevity of the gels because I have a lot of swatches to do this month! Let’s take a look at the colours… SensatioNail Gel Glitter Review

Glitter GladeSensatioNail Glitter Glade Gel Swatchfullsizeoutput_174afullsizeoutput_1760fullsizeoutput_1751This is a gorgeous light green tinted base full of blue, green & yellow glitter particles. It works well by itself, this is 2 coats, or it can be used as a topper.

Periwinkle PixiedustSensatioNail Periwinkle Pixiedust swatchfullsizeoutput_175eInstagram-28fullsizeoutput_174eThis one is packed full of mid-blue glitters in a tinted base. The website says all of these have a clear base but some of them definitely have a tint to them! Again, this is 2 coats but could be used as a topper.

Lilac LustreSensatioNail Lilac Lustre swatchfullsizeoutput_175afullsizeoutput_174cfullsizeoutput_1761A lovely lilac glitter, again in a slightly tinted based. 2 coats shown but could be used as a topper like the others!

Triple TwinkleSensatioNail Triple Twinkle swatchfullsizeoutput_1749fullsizeoutput_175ffullsizeoutput_1750I think this one would definitely work better as a top coat, as this is 3 coats here. Nevertheless, it’s very pretty. This one does have a clear base, with micro purple glitter with larger pink and orange glitters.

I love all of these and they’re going to be great for Spring/Summer this year. Don’t forget to check out the other 10 glitters and the may other gels available on the website.

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