Nail Items Review*

I have a new-to-me website to share with you today. Before ToSave contacted me, I’d never heard of them, but they’re a little bit like Born Pretty Store – they stock nail and beauty items, as well as lots of other items, like eBay! The website is really easy to navigate and I had no issues finding products to try out. I’ve stuck to nail art/care items, so let’s see how they do… nail items review

I’m going to start with the 9W LED Nail Lamp, which costs just £9.97. I chose to have it in white, obviously… It’s a great size, although I can’t fit my entire hand in, including my thumb, I can get all 4 fingers in without having to worry about touching the sides. It has

3 time

interval settings on it too, which means it will work with most gel brands and you won’t have to countdown the cure time yourself. The only problem I had with this lamp is that it came with a European plug. I just picked up a UK to EU converter to get around 9W LED Nail 9W LED Nail 9W LED Nail LampUsing my new lamp and the nail tips I was sent, I decided to do gel extensions on myself. You’ve seen them in my last two posts! The tips were a little long for me but the sizing was good, they applied well and were easy to file down. The natural colouring made the extensions look really natural themselves! They’re also super affordable, at £1.10 for 500 pieces (10 sizes). I forgot to take a proper picture of them but here’s one I pulled from my Instagram stories. InstagramtosaveMy next item is this pretty Fairy Flower Nail Gel.  I thought it would be great for some Spring designs. It comes in a 3g pot for £1.10 and there are 6 different colours to chose from – I picked purple. On the instructions, it says to cure under a UV lamp only but it definitely cured under the LED lamp… Maybe I’m wrong, I’m pretty new to gels and I don’t really understand the difference… oops! My only issue with this item is there isn’t actually that many flowers within the gel! Fairy Flower gel Fairy Flower gel reviewMoving on from gels I picked up 2 nail art wheels, one with rose gold nail art rivet decor (£1.20) and the other with gold & silver nail art bar decor (79p). Both of these have some great pieces in and I can’t wait to play with them. I created one simple ‘design’ using some of the gold bars on my little nubs!Instagram-12Instagram-13Instagram-14I also decided to try out a couple of their nail art pens, in black and white. At just 86p each they’re a great bargain. It took me a while to get the polish to come down to the nib, but they worked just fine once I did. I couldn’t get as much control or create as fine detail as I can with a brush but they’re good for dotting! nail art nail art nail art pensThe final two items that were sent to me are a couple of nail care tools. I wanted to try out the cuticle pusher, which they call a ‘skin care tool‘. It’s double-ended, with one end for pushing back the cuticles and the other for removing any dead skin from the nail beds. Both work really well and it’s the best one I’ve tried so far – and it’s only 66p! The other item is a double-sided metal nail file, which was useful in shaping the nail tips. As far as I can tell, both sides are the same but that’s useful if you accidentally flip it over, you don’t have to worry about using too heavy a ‘grit’ by accident. This is also super cheap at just 55p!Instagram-16That’s all the items I have to share with you from  They have some really good items at affordable prices so it’s definitely worth checking them out. It took a couple of weeks for my order to arrive but I didn’t mind waiting.

C x



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