Beauty Bigbang: Nail Items Review*

I guess this is the final post in what turned out to be a mini-series of trying out various nail art items from different online stores. Today I have my first review for Beauty Bigbang – a website that stocks makeup, hair, nails & healthcare supplies. I’m just focusing on the nail category again…fullsizeoutput_17eeThe first item I wanted to try was this set of Multicolour Foils [J4127], that look like beautiful oil slicks! They cost just £2.85 for 12 sheets. I love how one of the lighter ones looks over this nudeBeauty Big Bang Nail Foils reviewfullsizeoutput_17ecThe next 2 items work hand in hand. I used the Double-ended Silicone Brush [J2473-4C] (£1.42) to apply this beautiful Peacock Holo Powder [J2952-4A] (£2.14). My application is something to be desired but the silicone brush definitely makes it easier than using your finger or a sponge-type brush.Beauty Bigbang Peacock Holo Powder and silicone brushfullsizeoutput_17ebfullsizeoutput_17e2And the final item is this huge sheet of Marble Nail Decals [J5747], there are 12 designs for  £2.14. Again, they’re really easy to apply and the patterns are so pretty…Beauty Bigbang marble nail decalsfullsizeoutput_17effullsizeoutput_17e9

There we go! Another good haul. I’m impressed with these items too and they’re really affordable.

Don’t forget to use TIPPED for 10% off all items on the website.

C x



5 thoughts on “Beauty Bigbang: Nail Items Review*

  1. Lovely and so pretty. I love to see nail arts. I try to create and recreate some but I find it so difficult. hehehe. I love the foil looks and those shiny powders that is used to get that holographic look on the nails. Loved this post. 🙂

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  2. Great post. I’ve loved the Beauty Big Bang stuff I bought online so I’m going to place another order as soon as they release more plates. The powder & silicone tool looks good so I’ll add that to my list!

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